Access to work

Has anyone had any experience of access to work and help with transport costs? What are the criteria for getting help? Are there medicals or assessments? Thanks

Dear Anon

I have had access to work for 4 years now and as MS has progressed, they have adjusted support I receive as well as contributions towards costs for various things.

Feel free to PM me and I am happy to advise how/what etc.

Jody x


Access to Work pay for my taxi to & from work. I didn’t need to complete a medical for it. There’s more info about it here, with eligibility criteria & how to claim - Access to Work: get support if you have a disability or health condition: What Access to Work is - GOV.UK

It’s a great service. When it was set up I had to get quotes from a few different taxi firms and obviously had to go with the cheapest. I pay for the taxis up front but get a receipt. Then every month I fill out a claim form and send in all the receipts for that month, and they pay me back.

Hope you get the support you need.


Thanks that’s great x

Does the amount of help you can get depend on your income (contribution to taxis) x


I don’t know to be honest. I don’t pay any contribution, but I’ve no idea what the criteria is. I’d give them a phone to find out.

Sorry I can’t help more.