Parking and reasonable adjustments

Hello I am new to this forum so thanks for reading. I was diagnosed in December 2012 and I still work full time. As part of working my way through the maze of being newly “disabled” I thought I would admit to myself that I can’t walk like I used to and get the legendary blue badge that all the so called able folk think is a perk. So said so done. Now here’s the thing at my work prior to moving to a new building those who needed to park close by would be given a space. Now we have to pay for parking on the close by car park and the disabled spaces are free and are on a first come first served basis. I have argued that this is stressful to hope for a space and not get one. The occupational health have said that I should be given a permanent space but I have just been told by management will not designate a space for me and if I want one to be sure I should pay. What has happened to you at work with regard to reasonable adjustments and parking. I don’t want to burn up good will but my union rep wants to really go for it. The management are making out I am disadvantaging other disabled people by asking for it. Hope you can help

One line in your post really struck me – the idea that you would be disadvantaging other disabled workers. If that’s the case then your company needs to make more provision. You can’t have X disabled workers and only Y spaces – X workers require X spaces.

I am not sure where the issue of paying stands. Reasonable Adjustments are about leveling the playing field to make it possible for a disabled person to have equality in the workplace.

Access to Work might be a place to try. They can help with the financial implications of getting to work. I know they pay taxi fares so perhaps they can help with paying parking fees.

I can understand your union rep’s position but in my experience it is easy for others to be gung ho about what you should fight about but it is you who has to work there. I would explore as many other options as possible before you become confrontational. (Having said that I think your employer is being a twit)


I agree with Jane, that is shocking! I’m only a contractor but would expect that a company would give disabled employees parking, it’s pretty simple really :frowning: If your occupational health support that a space is required then that’s exactly what should be provided!

Sonia x

Hi, who owns the car park? I’m guessing it’s not the company you work for or they would probably just give you a space. Is it a public car park? Jane is right, if there are more disabled users of the car park than there are disabled spaces, then the car park could do with some more disabled spaces. However, I suppose however many there were there could be a day when they were all taken, so more disabled spaces isn’t what you need. I can understand how worrying it must be for you wondering if you can get parked. I wouldn’t fall out with anyone over yes, and it might take a wee while to sort out bu you really need to keep asking for a designated space, you need your own space. It seems you have occupational health on your side and because you said that in the old building people who needed were given a space close by, it sounds like your company are receptive to people’s needs. I can’t help really but this should be achievable. Cheryl:-)

You also asked what happens to other people at work with parking. I’m allowed to park right outside the building, it’s not actually even a proper space, but it’s fine to park there and that’s what I do. My company owns the car park as well as the building. Tbh, I wouldn’t manage if I had to walk any further! IMO, you are so right to not want to lose good will, good will at my work is such a benefit to me. Cheryl:-)

Thanks for those helpful and supportive replies. The organisation does own the car park but also leases another car park so in the interests of fairness they are charging everyone to park but more for the more convenient next to the workplace option. Its the not knowing I can park that’s doing me in as by the time I get to work after driving I have to sit in the car and have a rest before I go into work. I have applied for access to work for taxi costs as part of this process. Access to Work will pay for them on the days I am having a bad day. I never thought to ask them if they would pay parking. Will give her a ring. My union rep thinks it unreasonable that their offer is pay or take a chance because I can’t really choose not to park near as if I have to walk then I arrive highly fatigued. They could offer me a permanent space and others with blue badges as there are enough spaces but then they would not meet the legal minimum requirement for a public building if we had them reserved. I raised it with the Principal when we had a health and safety tour and was told very defensively by the buildings manager they had met the legal minimum. It’s a fantastic fully accessible building just not enough parking. I pointed out its a selling point for students and the public with mobility isses but not if you can’t park!!! Anyhow glad to still have a job hence the good will concern but it makes you wonder what next? Attitudes have surprised me I must say but then what’s on paper as policy is not always the reality.

Hi, I have an access to work adviser that visits me each year, they have arranged occupational therapy assessments, a support worker 7 hours a week paid for by them,a disabled parking space, a scooter, taxis when I couldn’t drive,reduced working hours,together with occupational health and my manager, the DDA is not breached, you are most certainly protected by this law. I did not want to involve other parties initially but realised I had to be proactive to ensure reasonable adjustments were made to enable me to continue to work. Contact Access to work through your local job centre and ask for disability section, once you get them involved your employer will realise they MUST make reasonable adjustments by law.

Great advice Rose117. This is exactly what happened to me before I had no choice but to retire through ill health. Had lots of support before this time, including a disabled parking bay. A huge amount of reasonable adjustments were made to enable me to carry on working as long as physically possible.

Good luck Blessed n Stressed.

Shazzie x

Thanks again for that advice. The access to work person I am dealing with is in a central team somewhere in Cardiff I think. I will definitely give Job Centre a call now as well. Yesterday I just felt like giving up and not rocking the boat but today I will fight on and continue to make my case.