Reasonable adjustments for small company


I’ve recently requested what i think are reasonable adjustments in order to keep me working - these were a reduction from 5 days to 3 days and a car park space in the company car park. These have been refused as my job is a full time job and there is parking in close proximity to the company. They have employed another person to ease the workload from me but I work from 9am to 5.30pm and have at least 45 mins travelling to and from work, and fatigue is a major issue for me. Also they have the car park for directors and engineers which is a total of 4 but they have 5 parking spaces- the last one is being used by a sales person who is not always in the office and he is able bodied. The other car park which is public is down the road on a hill so i have an incline to work and a decline from work. Does anyone know if these are unreasonable requests for a small company?


I really can’t imagine that the parking space would be a problem and is deffinitly not unreasonable. It is more likely that they are concerned about the impact reducing your hours would have on the company and other colleagues!

I work for a large company and any colleague who wishes to reduce their hours need to complete a form and one of the questions asks what impact it would have on other colleagues work loads were you to reduce them. Your company would need to have a good business justification to decline it.

Maybe you could request a trial period… or see if there is any scope to change your role.

Not much and i’m sure someone on here will be able to provide you with some sound advice.

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Hmmm tricky.

I actually think in terms of “reasonableness” the main point here is the reduction from 5 working days to 3 days.

If they were to agree to that, I think you find it way easier to do the journey to and from the car park, which would prevent them from setting a “precedent”. Personal car parking spaces have caused feuds in more than one company, lol.

Did you make the request in writing to reduce your working hours? And if so, I would expect a more comprehensive answer other than you have a “full time job”, did you receive a written answer?, and if so who from?

Some small companies manage without a HR function, which is understandable and yet they may need a small nudge to remind them of your rights under employment law.

Again, this can be tricky and it could be that you received a negative response from a relatively uninformed person such as your supervisor. In which case, a gentle word or letter to someone more senior may have the desired effect.

Happy to help if you have more detail feel welcome to PM me, I’m missing work, Gillian

I think your requests are very reasonable. I suggest you contact ‘Access to Work’ who can arrange taxis to and from work; you only pay the equivalent bus fare. Also talk with them about a helper worker they could employ on the days you donn’t.

Reducing your hours does mean less wages but it is far better for your health.

Good luck