work related part two

Hello thanks again for the helpful advice i got about my reasonable adjustments meeting i had today , didnt go that great on the plus side she was quite surprised how much info i had , and could see how determined i was ,BUT not sure it got me vry far , wants me to step down from my role , reduce hours , go to another dept , scared she will win ( she usually does) , this is my first stepback ( relapse in 3 years not had one day off sick in that time ,) dragged myself in when i felt rough , , worry now if i am ill again , im not going to stand a chance , x,

Hi again Sue,

Reasonable adjustments do have to be agreed by both sides, so they can’t impose reduced hours or a change of duties on you, even if their motives are sincere, and they genuinely think this will work out better for you. However, I do think you need to consider the realities of whether you will be able to continue long-term, with your existing hours and duties. Is that a completely reasonable expectation, or are you trying to kid yourself you’re coping, when you’re really not? Only you know the answer: I just think it’s something you need to be completely honest with yourself about, because if you know, deep-down, this isn’t going to be something you can struggle on with for much longer, the offer of a different job might be a lifeline, rather than an insult - something that’s worth thinking about.

Have any specific performance issues been raised, that support their view you’re not managing as things are? If so, have you discussed measures that might help you with those specific things, BEFORE stepping down from the role is considered?

They should be trying to support you in your present role first. Only if it becomes clear that all reasonable adjustments to that have still left you struggling should they be considering whether they can offer you alternative work, that might not be so demanding.

Obviously, the one outcome you don’t want is that they have no choice but to “let you go”, because you’re stuck in a job you can no longer do, but have already turned down offers of alternatives, so you need to tread a bit cautiously about that. Try not to close any doors. For example, you could say you are willing to keep the job-change idea in reserve, but first you would like to explore ways to help you in the current job. That way, you have not rejected anything, and if you do end up accepting you can’t really carry on in the present post, you’ve got a fallback position.

Good luck!



Hi, I agree with what Tina says and won’t elaborate on that regarding the ins and outs of the job. The only thing I will say is that if the new job she is offering you keeps you in work, keeps them on your side, generates goodwill (goodwill in the workplace is of more benefit to me than anything covered by any disability discrimination law), then it might not be what you ideally want but it might be a much better situation to be in than staying in your existing job with them not on your side, no goodwill and your work place not even all that interested in keeping you in a job. Cheryl:-)

Thanks yes , and i do know your right and i may have to consider this other dept , but they havent offered any reasonable adjustments within my role , working until 9pm at nine 30 min public transport journey home and then back in at a 8am , twice a week , im told its business needs , , but for now all on back burner until the new year , thanks for all the advice, its been really helpful . x sue

Hello Sue. Sorry to hear the meeting didn’t go well. I would ask for reasonable adjustments to be made within your present role if thats your choice. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied…you do have rights. Have a lovely Christmas…worry about it in the new year.

Hi, other people on here talk about access to work which helps them to pay for a taxi, would that help you, sounds better than waiting for public transport at nine o’clock at night and also public transport for 8am next morning. It would be door to door and quicker. How many days a week and how many hours do you work? Cheryl:-)

I would recommend you contact access to work, they are brilliant and so helpful. They help me with my taxi fares Barney

hello again, thanks for advice about access to work , i did apply for this about two years ago , and got turned down ,on the grounds that the company i work for are based in nearer towns than i work therefore if i transferred to a branch near to home would make my life easier , at the time i didnt really want do this but now is on my list of options , and i plan to contact access to work again ,xx