advice needed work related

Hello all . im haveing a meeting tomorrow , as ive requested reasonable adjustements , as in moveing shifts around , and hrs , my actual boss has never held a meeting concerning longterm ill health , and thought worries me! i ve just recoveing from a relaspe about 8 weeks wasnt that bad most of the time and a i still dragged my self into work daily , she has now being saying " its time for me to move on"as i cant cope with the job ,! im not sure what line to take , as much as i understand she is not fully aware of how ms can affect amyone , she hasnt made any attempt to get infomation , any idea the best approach i should take? thanks sue x

Hi Sue, get yourself armed with laws and what work has to provide to keep you working and any adjustments which are reasonable. Also write stuff down before you go in, any questions you have, take in print outs or write down how MS affects you and your working life, if you want to continue to work make sure she knows this and how you are willing to make changes but will still be up to the job. If you have a union rep ask them to the meeting. Take notes and write down any concerns you have with anything she tells you about you making adjustments to your working life. Try not to get upset if she suggests again it’s time for you to move on, quote the law and how she cannot force you to leave. I hope things go ok. Big hugs Lx

Hi Sue She can’t just suggest for you to move on without trying to make reasonable adjustments for you to do the job are doing just now. I recently changed roles within my work as I had lots of travelling,deadlines (causing me stress) and other things I couldn’t do due me having M.S but my manager and I worked through what I could do and changed my role to fit around my abilities. Do you have a union or support who could attend with you? As Lindy Lou has suggested take notes and have anything you wish to bring up have that noted so you don’t forget. I had Access to Work in who spent sometime with me assessing the adjustments I needed for my role and they also sent sometime with my manager and my team to help them understand how MS affects me. This has helped them massively to understand the difficulties I face on a daily basis. I hope all goes well, take care. Polly xx

Thank you , she is one these people who is very good with words ,me getting upset is a big worry , so i need try to get control of that , I am takeing someone with me , so hopefully that will help, for a very large well known company our level of HR is dismal , ( cost cutting exercise) so much of hr stuff is dealt by our own manager,!! can see why im worried , its a very new system and her lack of experience concerns me , but i do have some info to take with me , so once again thanks ,

Hello Sue. You’ve been given some really good advice. Shouldn’t you be putting the ball in her court and asking her the questions?? what support will she be giving you to make your working life easier. You have rights under the disabilty act…this company should be aware of this. She can not just ask you to move on. Do you want to go? Good luck to you xxx

Good luck with your meeting. I am assuming that you don’t want to just move on so you need to see if you can work towards what you want to help you stay in work. However, you need your boss on your side and you definitely do not want to fall out over this. I know others might not agree with me and I admit that my work have been so helpful to me, but I wouldn’t go in and start telling her that you must have such and such and you are covered by disability discrimination. I would very nicely state what you are struggling with and then see if you can come to a solution. The solution might not be reached tomorrow. IMO, the secret here isn’t disability discrimination, the law,equality, union reps, it is politeness, niceness, groveling even and keeping on your boss’s side. You need to win friends and influence people! Good luck. Cheryl:-)

thank you all, for great advice ,i now feel more postive aboutt tomorrow , ive worked for this company for 13 years , and hope that stands for something , so i hope i can get something resolved , i dont completly understand the disalibity act , so dont feel able to qoute it chapter and verse , but i feel more able to question about what sheknows is a legall requirement , rather than what she wants, will update tomorrow!! x