Reasonable Adjustments

Hi All

I am hoping that someone can help me with this. I have ppms, had it for 3 years with very little progression so far. Usual sensory symptoms from ribs down and in hands. Symptoms worse in my feet, particularly my left foot and lower leg. Very tired by the end of the week.

I work full time but have got to the stage where I need to ask for some reasonable adjustments. I have discussed this with my manager and the Equality & Diversity person at work and now I just need to write them down and have them officially agreed. This is where I am stuck. I don’t know how to word them. I’ve contacted Access to Work but they can’t help - they only help with equipment and transport etc. I am usually fine with written communication but I think because it has to do with me personally I am having difficulties.

The sort of adjustments I need are: not being asked to work more than 37 hours in any one week, not being asked to make long journeys on public transport and not being required to make overnight trips unless I think I can manage.

None of these things are requested of me very often, but I’ve been advised that it is best if it is documented and I can see that this is good advise. Has anyone got experience of or examples of how reasonable adjustments are worded?

Best wishes - J xx


Long journeys on public transport can be covered under access to work.

I would seek help from your MS Nurse who can advise on the impact of long hours, long journeys & overnight stays on your MS.

take care


Thanks Neil - I may email my MS nurse.

I really need some examples of how reasonable adjustments are worded - do you wite them in the first or third person? That kind of thing. If anyone has their reasonable adjustments documented I’d appreciate some advice on how they are worded.

Best wishes - J xx