Reasonable adjustments (NHS employee)

I was off work from Jan 16 - May 16 during which time I was diagnosed with RRMS. On my phased return to work I was told that I would be on Monitoring for a year due to the level of my absences.

I have had meetings with HR, Occupational Health, Line manager AND Union Rep and have mentioned that some employers - as a reasonable adjustment - say that any MS absence should not be used for the purposes of monitoring. However, no such adjustment has been put in place for me. They just keep saying that “we will look upon your absence record favourably” (which honestly doesn’t help much).

I was off sick (because of a flare up) for 21 hours a couple of weeks ago and on my return to work interview I got the whole “absence monitoring” speech. I KNOW i’m going to have to go off again as i’m still getting worse and monitoring or no monitoring there’s no point flogging myself to death. However - unless they change their minds - by the time I come back I will be put on monitoring again.

I work for the NHS and what i’d like to know is whether any other current or former NHS employees have had monitoring periods adjusted in any way to take account of your MS diagnosis?? I have adjusted my hours down from 37.5 to 30. I have had a workplace assessment and I have a brand spanking new chair. I can’t afford to cut my hours further and I can’t claim any PIP cos i’m too well (!!!).

Can someone throw me a bone??? lol


MS is a poverty trap.

i wish i could offer sound advice but these days i get everything wrong.

just as well you can’t claim PIP because the process almost did me in.

i’ve dropped the appeal because it ain’t going to get any easier.

last thing i need is depression!

can you get any legal advice from a disability lawyer.

or maybe the ms society’s lawyer.

good luck

carole x

Hi Nana,

Call in Access to Work; Get support in work if you have a disability or health condition (Access to Work) - GOV.UK lots of benefits. They will tell your employers they MUST give ‘reasonable adjustments.’

Any other problems contact Disability discrimination | Equality and Human Rights Commission

Or DLS Multiple Sclerosis Legal Advice Line | Disability Law Service who even represent you if necessary. The Society pays for free legal help for precisely this type of problem.



I was under the impression that reasonable adjustments have to be made, for me occupational health were helpful and said they wanted to keep me working as long as they can. I to have RRMS and have reduced my work hours from full time to 32.5 hours. Due to being a theatre nurse I find it difficult working for long cases and copping with heat which increases fatigue and leg pain. As a adjustment I was given a midweek day off, with hours worked over 4 days. The type of cases and length of time I scrub for had changed to accommodate and I do more office work, these changes have been put in place to be reviewed every six months.

I attempted the PIP and was told there was nothing wrong with me??

It could be that HR, OH, Line manager et al haven’t a clue what they are doing and are, to put it bluntly, cra**ing allover you!

It may be that ‘monitoring’ someone with m.s. for such a long period is illegal.

So what do you do - you approach a Disability Solicitor for advice. He/she then writes to your employer seeking clarification of what is going on and ‘gently?’ pointing out your rights as someone with a disability.

What in effect you are doing is pointing out to your employer that you have rights, you are not frightened to exercise those rights and they, your employer, had better do things correctly.

Thank you for your responses everyone. I have contacted Access to Work - hopefully they’ll be in touch soon. I’ve also contacted the DLS