Reasonable adjustments at work

I have had a meeting with my works OH department and a set of recommendations regarding changing working patterns etc were made and forwarded on to my management. Since then, i have had a meeting with my line manager and a HR rep to discuss the OH report. I feel that the adjustments in the report were very reasonable and easy to accommodate but i feel that i am hitting a brick wall. I feel so under valued and uncared for as instead of putting to recommendations in place to help me help my MS, redeployment has been suggested and they think this is “helping” me. I have got to the stage where i feel i shouldn’t have bothered going to OH in the first place and i am genuinely thinking of leaving.

I can’t quite believe that an NHS employer would not do everything they could to help an employee to stay at work

Hi Douglas. Have you spoken with any Union rep or the MS Helpline ?

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You are not the first person I know who have had problems with the NHS! They have a bad reputation for helping

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Dougie under no circumstances walk away, how long have you worked in the NHS for…speak to your union rep as soon as possible

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Hi Douglas,

Very sorry to hear this. I don’t have much to offer but am looking to meet with my management and OH soon too.

I have felt lucky that I don’t have significant physical issues with my MS, but unfortunately my cognitive issues have crept up on me to the point I need to adapt my work. I work for a large charity and am hoping it will have a process in place to manage the situation effectively but am nervous. I will speak to my team in the next couple of weeks and share.

I hope your NHS org sees that it is better to work with your needs than put you in a situation that makes things worse for you and therefore for itself. I find it shocking how workplaces can be so short-sighted.

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15 years but 7 years for the current trust, next meeting I will have a union rep for sure

Stick to your guns! Don’t leave your present employer as going out onto the open market you will have no leverage whatsoever.

Contest the “helping” measures every inch of the way. The observations they make may be well-meaning but perhaps not relevant yet. Point that out to them: the OH report may well be a roadmap for the future but right now (I presume) you are coping with your role. The Union rep should help reinforce this. One proviso: are you being realistic about your real capabilities? If they can prove that you are already struggling / underperforming, they’ve got you on the run and your credibility could be undermined. Honesty the best policy etc.

I am going through the same thing with my NHS employer. I have now taken it through the grievance process and I am at the Acas stage currently.
It been such a stressful time and I still have no adjustments in place even though I haven’t asked for much.
I wanted to fight to highlight the issues so others do not suffer the way I did but I may as well bang my head against a brick wall.
They are the most uncaring and insensitive bunch of people I’ve ever met.
Changed my view of the NHS completely and I live in hope of finding employment elsewhere. Over 30yrs of service for a kick in teeth!