Advice about work adjustments

Hi, I was diagnosed yesterday with PPMS. I feel as if I’m coping quite well at the moment. I’ve been off work since April and need to think about trying to get back as I’m the main earner and we can’t afford to pay the mortgage on my OH’s earnings! I was just wondering what sort of adjustments had been made for people. I’m a teacher in a special school so working from home isn’t really a possibility! My Head is great and will do everything he can do but just wanted some ideas about what can be done. Many thanks,S x

Hi, in the nicest possible way, I’m sorry you have joined this exclusive club. I managed to work for 8 years from diagnosis thanks to the adjustments made for me by my employer. Obviously in a different situation to yourself as I worked at Gatwick Airport. The help they gave me was to give me a place in the nearest carpark to my office, but the main assistance was to provide me with and allow me to get around the airport on a scooter. I would definitely get in touch with Access to Work who can provide you with all sorts of help. It sounds great that your Head is going to be co-operative. Good luck Hils