ms and working

I was just diagnosed this past week or so but have been out of work for almost a month now due to symptoms i was having.Shaking speach issues balance problems dizziness. But the last couple of days I feel pretty good I cleaned the house for about 2 hours felt so much better. My question is can you work with ms will I be ok to go back or will the symptoms come back it was pretty bad I could barely do anything without feeling like crap. But I need to earn a living can anybody give me some info on this please.

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I was diagnosed 8 years ago with RRMS, Im now SPMS but still work.

I have dropped a day and changed roles, but I firmly belive that pushing yourself helps mind & body.

Dont delay in telling your employer, they have a duty of care to help where possible.

You are covered by the Disability Discrimination Act (1995) under which your employer is required to make reasonable adaptions to support any additional needs you may have, eg a different chair, adaptation to your work station.

Even paying for taxis to and from work.

I worked full-time for 35 years and part time for a few years after that. Give yourself time to recover. Having a good day doesn’t mean you’re over this bad spell, although you may be. Everyone’s different. My bad spells tend to last for several months, but they only occur every few years.

Make use of the help your employer is required to give you. Yes, your symptoms will come back, and some of them will stay, but unless you’re PPMS you should still be able to do most, if not all, of the things you’ve been doing. Early on, I had to stop going for long hikes and had to rest sometimes in the middle of dishwashing, but it was years before I had to make significant changes to my life.

Hi, I was diagnosed last year with spms, but have probably had ms for 22 years and i have always worked. Everyone’s ms is different and only you know how if effects you , but tell your boss as soon as. Take care, A

thank you so much everybody talking to my boss tom about everything see where I go from there kind of excited would love to get back into normal some.

I find that getting up in the morning for work helps to keep things “normal”, albeit it a struggle some days, especially when I get home.

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I was diagnosed in 1991 after some significant issues, I had a lot of time off work but got back to full employment, including working abroad. I stayed in full time employment until 2010

Initially I was diagnosed with RRMS and was then diagnosed with SPMS in 1997. My employer was very supportive and huge adjustments were made to try and keep me going as a useful member of the team. I effectively changed roles to accommodate the changes in my condition. I think as with a lot of our problems there is a vast amount of luck involved. Some of the company line managers would not have been so supportive, so I count my lucky stars.

Assess for yourself who the “right” people are to understand your situation and keep you productive for you and your company. Good luck


good advice from mogace.

Hi destino, you are probably in a relapse/attack.

Many MSers continue to work, but I couldnt with fast progressing PPMS.

I wish you good luck and stay safe chick.


Couldn’t agree more. Same for me about 8 years ago,. Changed roles 3 times but still keep going. I am lucky I have told my boss if I start feeling crappy and he lets me take days holidays at short notice… Stay positive and stay focused and good luck

Does anyone know what happens after your employer has made all the reasonable adjustments they can and you still can’t do the job . I work in housekeeping and its killing me . I spend more time off sick than at work which I hate . There’s no other departments or things I can do within the business and I’m a single parent with a 5 Yr old so I need the benefit help I get too . Iv spoken to so many people from citizens advice to disability advisor and non have given me anything to go on other than look for another job . I’m at a loss as to what to do .
Thanks in advance

I have rrms.

I am an electrician and have a physical job.

My work are very good, if I need a day off I take it, if I want to finish earlier or work less hours they dont mind.

On bigger projects they give me a team to manage instead of doing it all myself.

I had to stop work when wheelchair bound but agree with above comments, pushing myself and my physical limitations actually improve me, my pain can get worse and it has taken years tk establish the balance I need but don’t give up.

Be well stay safe


Hey guys, my brother was diagnosed with ms recently. To be honest, I am feeling lost now and don’t know what to do.

After I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I worried about how my condition could affect my work life. From my own experience, I can say that you can work with MS. I didn’t notice any issues. When the pandemic began, I started working from home with the guys from https://ihatе To be honest, I got used to my new occupation and to working remotely. I just feel comfortable and can control my own time. As far as I know, many people who have MS stay in their job for years after they’re diagnosed. It varies greatly from person to person.