Hi everyone,

I don't know if anyone can help but i took my job to a tribunal,i represented myself.The outcome went in my jobs favour even though certain things were proven i am waiting for the judge to write the full outcome to see if i can appeal it has taken 6 weeks up till now and still waiting.I am back at work but have been moved pending mediation like the judge recommended but as i believe the person involved in the mediation doesn't want to do it.Can anyone give advise about this or where i can get help as i think i am the one getting moved about and the person involved is still in there same role and location even though it was proven that she had stopped me doing part of my job,and told me if the job caused me stress to go on benefits.Any help would be appreciated thanks.


You could try the Citizens Advice Bureau, they help with employment problems. Also there is an organisation called ACAS, they give advice with employment disputes.

Good luck


So sorry to hear what you have been going through, well done for going ahead with the employmemt tribunal. I know what if feels like to be discriminated against in work, it still shocks me to see and hear how rude some people are capable of being.

Ive received free phone advice from the Equality Commision, they were very helpful and extreamly knowledgable about the legal rights and processes etc, their number is 0845 604 6610


thanks did you go through something similar

Just starting to go through it all now (again). Ive had a new manager recently. She has looked at my sickness levels for the past 12 months, states they are unacceptable and will look at dismissal. All of this is completely out of the blue.
In addition she states my time keeping is sloppy and not good enough and threatened disciplinary action over that. I have explained to her that me being late is all down to my ms as i am really struggling with fatigue. I asked for a review meeting to discuss my condition management, with a view to looking at reasonable adjustments eg reducing my hours etc. she said she will set a meeting but in the meantime i need to be on time! . She is clearly viewing this as a performance issue, rather than dealing with it as an issue with my health.
I know she cant sack me for it, not yet anyway as they havent followed their own sickness policy. Yet all this is just another battle for me to go through. And ultimately i feel as tho i dont want work there anymore anyway, why i should i work for someone like that.

Have you considered putting in a grievance about your manager or whoever it is that is dealing with it.

I hope you managed to get the advice your after, good luck with it all, let us know how you get on.


hi so sorry you are suffering with this at work i have had the same problems, in  my previous job my area manager decided that i was incapable of doing my job after 6 years because i was off ill for 6 weeks (the only absence i  had ever had) he refused me promotion and told me in a one to one meeting that it was because i was disabled, i took it to a tribunal and the company decided that there was no evidence , i appealed it was a long process and even though the company never admitted any thing they did eventually move him somewhere else.Now the job i have i am experiencing the same idiotic behaviour i have a new area manager who after working with me for 6 months has just found out that i have ms and suddenly i can not do my job properly he wants me moved to a smaller and quieter store he states for my own health every oppotunity he finds fault with my work and even though i am ill i still have to go to work everyday so that he cannot find any ammunition against me so here i go again i have made a complaint but i do not hold out much hope but i will not allow him to get away with it i know its hard but you must persevere there are people out there who can help, i found the tribunal very helpful last time but where companies are involved they will never admit that they have someone employed by them that descriminates against anyone because of their disabilities my heart goes out to you just hang on in there.i found my goverment site very helpful with where to go next . x x