disability discrimination at work

evening people

i was loking for any advice anybody could give me ( if any ) i was dissmissed from work recently grrrrrrrrr but i have challanged it as my employer got me to apply to ac to wk for funding to help with the cost of my fair & resonable ajustments ar work. but 1 year later nothing was done .im starting to rant now but i had my case management discusion today with the judge who ruled in my favour that there was a case to answer yessssssss .anyway back to my orginal question i have to compile a shedule of loss any wanted to know if anybody can give me advise or a link to a template so i can get my head round it.

ps i hope nobody ever has to go through this ,but one thing having ms has taught me is never give in ( they might have won the fight but they wont win the war )

Sorry I can’t help but I would ring the MS Society helpline on 0808 800 8000. Good Luck!