really down

Hi guys Really down in dumps at the mo my symptoms are really playing up in this weather. Had a water infection last 3 weeks which cant shift this isnt helping. Feel like im moaning all the time but no one understands feel so alone

Hi anon, know how you feel, unless you have MS no one!! can understand.

Everything gets worse when you have an infection, i just took my last Antibiotic

earlier for UTI ( bladder infection). My fatigue floored me for days, muscles ached

neuropathic pain, numbness. I have been so crabby!!! as well, I bought Cranberry capsules

from supermarket in vitamin isle, going to take these see if they help, also barley juice

helps infections. You could try these…maybe they help? Good luck coming on

here helps to vent frustration…we all know what you mean, take care!!

kitty xx.

Thank you guys. I can just about find energy to get out of bed in the morning

Hi anon

I know how you feel.

I have just finished my second course of antibiotics to treat an infection in one of my sweat glands. While I had the infection I felt really low and run down. Infections are a nightmare for our symptoms. Tell your GP how low you feel I would.

Take care and I hope your infection shifts soon.

Shazzie xx

Hello hun.

We do know how you feel here, `cos the majority of us have felt the same way at some point, if not right now.

I had a uit from Jan to June this year and lots of anti-bs just wouldnt shift it.

I shifted it when I elected to have a supra pubic catheter fitted.

Surgeon said I had a chronically inflamed bladder, along with chronic retention.

Yeh, I know it is a bit of a drastic way to go, but it sorted me out.

Cranberry juice wasnt helping, but I now take concentrated cranberry tablets…so far so good.


hi anon

do you see a continence nurse? if not, ask gp to refer you. you can also refer yourself through the bladder and bowel clinic.

these nurse are fantastic.

i was having one infection after the other, never away from doctors for more anti biotics.

the nurse scanned my bladder and told me that i was retaining lots.

she started me off self catheterising which i’ve been doing for almost a year.

i asked my gp if i could take a maintenance dose of trimethoprim which he agreed to. its just one tab a day and i havent had an infection since.

carole x

Thanks for advice guys Just ordered some of those cranberry tablets anything worth ago Will speak to my nurse on monday had an operation to inject botox into my bladder for my over active bladder which has helped loads but my uti have been really bad since so wonder if that has anything to do with it?? Im only 28 and have a very active 10month old cant be this unwell and down all the time

Hey Anon I’m with Carole on this one. I.e go see a continence nurse as they are the experts. Mine is fantastic. You can self refer. Good luck Min xx

Hi Anon,

I just wanted to say that you are not alone. Thats what we are here for. If you have family members who don’t yet get how you are suffering, I would tell them to have a trawl through one of these forums as a guest and they can see just how wide ranging the physical and emotional problems that MS can bring.

It is true that if you don’t have MS - you just dont get it. but then I suppose that is true of many situations but this disease is becoming so common and is so far-ranging in the symptoms and outcomes that it is hard to pigeon-hole us.

I hope you feel brighter soon hun


Im so grateful to you guys with your kind words and support As far as family support I have none when I was 10 months pregnant in a wheel chair after being such an active person just diagnosed with ms my own mother said there was no way gonna be seen pushing her own daughter it was embarrassing funny enough havent seen or heard from any of my family. I have my partner who deals with everything but as you all know its alot to deal with along with baby. Just feel I burden on him all time xx

Hello Anon,

You aren’t a burden to your family at all. We all get low times in our lives when we feel we are reaching breaking point, and with MS we seem to have more than our fair share. I am sorry that your mum can’t deal with things right now, but hopefully she will come round, when she is emarrassed to see how well you are dealing with your problems. We all know how you feel on this forum.

Good luck with the cranberry tablets + the continence nurse.