Really annoyed- I pee'd

im really miffed- had a really horrible cold/flu thing a couple of weeks ago so I knew the M.S aftermath of having a bug was coming and as usual apart from going to my legs-which is always the first thing to go i just waited for all the ‘lovely’ surprises to come so far they have been

tingling/burning tongue

not being able to wee

pins and needles in different places


forgetfulness to a whole new extreme

and then yesterday I wee’d- wasnt much but enough to know i had- really flipping fed up-not sure what to do now- feel like i should rush out and buy bulk loads of tena lady-quite surprised at my self for not feeling upset, just really annoyed,


Hiya BC

Dont buy them-ask nurse for some.

Maybe its just cos u have the cold and it will pass (sorry-no pun intended!) and wont happen again.

Ellie x

Maybe, a quick visit to your G.P. is needed? (possibly a catheter?)

Hey BC, maybe you have a UTI and need antibiotics. Anyway, just a thought. Teresa xx

Sorry to hear of this BC, I have had nothing but trouble with bladder and bowel since before Christmas. I had just come to terms with using incontinence pads (we don’t get them given here apparently, have to buy them), anyway what I was going to say is I have found that cranberry juice has made things much easier, calmed the bladder right down, someone suggested taking cranberry capsules as apparently they are even better (as added sugar is not good).

I also recognise the tingling, burning tongue.

Hope you feel better real soon.


Hiya Wendy

Just read your post. You have to buy them?! Thats outrageous! Am saddened to hear this and BC, sorry if I misled you-its still worth asking the nurse re providing them before you have to buy.

Take care both.

Ellie x

Hello BC,

Sorry to hear about your bladder letting you down. I have had this on several occasions; after I have had some sort of a bug, or if I have done FAR too much and am exhausted, or even when I am coming out of a full blown relapse and the steroids are leaving my system. I don’t have NHS pads offered to me, but I find night-time sanitary towels far safer anyway, so I know that when my bladder is feeling so precious, I automatically reach for the towels. Like you say, it’s so annoying when the bladder doesn’t do it’s job. I hope that you are feeling much better soon.



Thanks my loves- I will get some cranberry capsules tomorrow and some pads and just keep fingers crossed it was a one off- we have been so busy-kids home-feeling rubbish, i hate the fact that It will all settle down when the kids go back and its quiet here-I love having them home.

Ill see if it happens again and phone M.S nurse see if i can get some pads to keep to go and see about my eye on Thursday and then back to see Neuro so ill tell him and see what he says.

of all the things that have happened this feels like the worst/ like its real-does that make sense.

keep warm and thanks again for your replies