Really BAD back pain.

Hi, my names Andy, I am trying to find out if this really bad back pain is going to stay !! I have had rrms since 2001 and spms since 2008. I have been coping quite well until lately. When I have to use 2 sticks now to stand up, nce up I am ok after shuffling around abit. But I can’t seem to straighten up, and my leg fails when the pain hits. Then I go down like a sack of spuds !! Does this continue from now on or will it pass ???

Hi Andy. Many people with progressive are initially under the impression that all new symptoms are here for good. That’s not necessarily true. There are loads of reasons things might suddenly get worse eg infection and the heat or you might just be tired. I’d ask to see a physio and if you’ve got pain, especially if it’s severe you need to get effective pain control, and it can be controlled, you need to see your Neuro or gp. Good luck x

Hi, sounds to me as if it could be due to poor posture, caused by you not being able to stand straight.

I have had severe back pain on and off over the years, but it was always traced back to poor posture and not enough support from my cushions.

It` ok now, as wheelchair services have supplied the right cushions.

Seek help form either an OT or a physio, eh?


Hey Andy,

I get that. The really bad lower back pain. Agony. I thought it was my kidneys but it was a muscle at the base of my back. It’s not pleasant and then it just went, thank cod.

I’m not sure about the SPMS symptoms. I wish you all the best though.


I suffer intermittent back pain, I’m sure my posture is bad, my comfy chair doesn’t help and I probably need a better mattress.

At my neuro exercise class one of the circuit exercises is standing on tiptoe (holding onto something) to strengthen the calf, the pain in my lower back while doing this is quite severe, I happened to mention it to the lady that takes the class only last week, she said its due to my core strength being poor and suggested I hold my stomach muscles in while doing the exercise, this would help with the pain and strengthen my core. It makes sense and I might get a nice flat tummy as well

Jan x