Lower back pain

Hi there, newbie here. Diagnosed with rrms a few months ago and I feel like my symptoms have gotten rapidly worse since. I have been just about coping with the fatigue, balance problems, foot drop and brain fog but then today I received the worst back pain I’ve ever experienced in my life and it just won’t go away. Nothing will help it and now I’m laying here at 5am wide awake because it’s woken me up. Is this pain a new symptom or is it just my punishment for bad posture? I’ve read that if it is nerve pain because of the MS, normal pain relief won’t work. Can anyone recommend any drugs that can help? Thank you

gabapentin may help but you really need to be talking to a doctor about it

So I get this, in fact I did put a post on myself some weeks ago, anyway I used to take Gabepentin, stopped working for me, my back gets so stiff, from my neck down and concentrates at the base, I have massages for it and the lady said it’s like massageing a board, she can’t release it, it’s goes into spasm, I take Baclofen and I’ve increased my dose, but so far nothing, the lady that does the massage said to speak to my GP as it may not be MS, but something else, well our sirgery has now gone into lock down, so I’ll have to wait. I did try normal pain relief, deep heat, heat and cold pads, nothing touches it, so I sympathise.

Get a urine sample dipped by your GP or nurse. It could well be a urine infection affecting the kidneys.

Hi, could be due to posture.

Recently found out that`s what was causing my severe low back pain…ie poor posture and support.

I`ve had an excellent massage and new wheelchair back and seat cushions…pain has gone…I get discomfort from sitting so long…am paraplegic.