Going out of my head with lower back pain ever since i was diagnosed in 2006 as any one got the

same. gabapentin dosent seem to help.? DENNIS

Hi Dennis, I get it sometimes but doesn’t last long.

Are you sure it’s MS causing it? Might be something else… OR might be ‘secondary pain’… in other words, not caused by MS directily but caused by the way you are walking or sitting… or sleeping. Might be worth you asking GP to refer you for physical therapy. They could work out if it’s something you’re doing and help… also, how is your mattress? Surprising amount of back pain is caused by bad mattresses.

Worth looking into anyway. I sympathise. It’s one of those things that can dominate your life.

Take care Dennis and think about seeing GP and getting referral.

Pat x

Hi pat.

good advise seeing gp friday and asking about getting a referral good luck Dennis+++.