Pain & discomfort

Woke every early this morning with pain & discomfort in lower back & legs. Worst it’s been in 3 months. Found out yesterday it’s likely due to my MS and not mechanical back pain. Lying on sofa dosed up on ibuprofen & Gabapentin. Any other suggestions? Also scared as only my 2nd relapse ever, since being diagnosed 5 years ago. The reality of MS hits again.

I feel your pain…I am also struggling with lower back pain and leg that feel like lead weights which my nurse says sounds like a relapse induced by starting dmds :frowning: lets hope we get some relief soon xx

Snap it’s horrid!!! co-codamol or tramadol might help ( im on both) and dr has given me strong anti-inflammatories!!!

Amanda i hadn’t thought about that, i started them a few weeks ago!!

Hope we all feel better soon!!!

Kate x x

Hi, just something to check…make sure you have right support cushions. I have suffered severely with lower back pain and it turned out my wheelchair cushion was to blame.

I have a brill one now.

You may not be wheelchair users, but even so, still need good sitting and lying down support.

If you think it might be an idea to check, ask an OT for advice.

luv Pollx

sorry I have PPMNS and afraid it can strike if I am immobile for any time so coming out of bed I am like the tine man , I find if i stretch it helps relieve it