Newly diagnosed 37yr old working single mum struggling!

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently been diagnosed with ms. I’m really struggling with my back pain! I’ve been put on pregabaline as I was allergic to gabapentin. The things I’m struggling with the most is the back pain and feeling constantly sick! I fell over the other week at work and hurt my ankle. I went to the hospital about my ankle and ended up on the floor after nearly passing out due to feeling like I was going to be sick. I work as a waitress in a cafe and find it hard as I can’t feel my feet very well and also get very tired but my back is such an issue. Is anyone else in the same situation as me? I’m starting to have a right down moment right now and don’t know what to do with myself!

Hi Danii,

Going to sound sort of a dumb question, but have you tried ordinary painkillers like cocodamol?

Not all pain from MS is neuropathic (nerve) pain. Some of it is ordinary old-fashioned musculo-skeletal, due to weak muscles.

I regularly (well, once or twice a year) put my back out, due to having weak back muscles. The pain itself can make me feel sick.

Technically, it’s really just an injury, rather than a direct MS symptom, but obviously my weak muscles due to MS make injuries more likely.

If it’s a muscular injury, pregabalin, gabapentin etc. won’t touch it, as it’s not nerve pain, so experiment with treating it like any injury - over-the-counter painkillers, hot or cold compresses, that sort of thing.

I can’t guarantee this will help, but it might, if it’s an actual injury, not nerve pain.

Pilates is supposed to be very good for people with MS, as it improves balance and core strength, making you less prone to back pain and injury - but somehow I’ve never got round to going.

Could be worth considering, though.

If you go to see a proper neurophysiotherapist, many of the exercises they give you are based on pilates anyway.

Hope something here may help,