A new person and am struggling?

I have only just been (slightly) diagnosed but that is not why I am asking questions....I know that you lovely people are so used to all this but at the moment I am finding this, oh so tiring. I have such pain for no apparent reason in my right quad. Is this just a normal part of life to be able to deal with such things? I am used to my arms not working well and have learned to a certain extent to be able to deal with that but now my annoying leg is annoying happy2

I do really hope that you are happy and well and living life to the full and thank you so much for being a help to all of us 'new' people.

j x

Hi J

I am sorry you are troubled with this pain, and hope it eases for you shortly.

In the meantime, could your gp pprescribe something to help.  I take

Amitriptyline for pain, and although I have to be careful with the dose,

it does take the "edge" off.  Maybe this could be something that might help?

Take care



Hi J

Welcome to the site.  I was diagnosed 7 years ago.

If you are in pain you need to ask for some help with it.  There is no need to 'put up with it'

Have you got an ms nurse?  There are different types of pain and different types of medication to help with this so you need advice to find out what is best for you.

You can ask the nurse or neurologist.

Teresa. x

Thank you so much both of you for answering my plea. I hope you are having a good day and please know that you are wonderful for taking the time to answer any questions that are on here. I for one, as a new person, appreciate it soooo much. This isn't nerve pain, it feels rather as if I have run a marathon in just one of my legs. It is knocking me sick trying to find ways to deal with it but it does actually feel like deep muscle pain but just one muscle.

Gabapantin is doing what it is meant to do as my arms are the dodgy ones not my legs but today I would gladly hack the thing off!

Thank you once again x

Hello again J,

can't think what the problem could be if it is not nerve pain.  Not everything is always down to the ms though so a visit to see the G.P is the best idea.  It could be totally unrelated.

I hope you get some relief soon.  Someone else on here may have an idea.  Sorry.

Best Wishes



Musculo-skeletal pain is also common with MS. I have virtually no nerve pain, but lots of musculo-skeletal pain - which my neuro is completely dismissive of, because he isn’t interested in anything apart from “classic” nerve stuff.

But asking round these forums, lots of people seem to get similar, so I’m pretty sure I’m not a medical curiosity!


Thankyou Tina.  I knew someone would know.  I don't get this pain - just neuropathic.

There is  a publication by the ms society titled 'pain and sensory symptoms' (number 17) which you can download from here.

There is another one from the multiple sclerosis trust- it is a fact sheet on 'pain' which you can get also.

They are very informative.

Best Wishes

Teresa. x

p.s  publications is at the top of the page if you didn't know!

Hi I get this type of pain in my left leg too at the top near my hip. Neuro very dismissive even though this is the pain that is really bothering me the most. It’s a crippling pain but gets better with movement. I cannot kneel or sit on the floor as it really hurts. I think it’s muscle skeletal but no one can give me any answers. If I find out anything I will let you know.