Awful back pain

Hi all For the past two weeks I have had a niggly lower back. Since Tuesday last week though it has been horrid. Really sore, esp when I try and bend etc. it is all in my lower back and I haven’t done anything to trigger it this bad. When I first had an X-ray at the start of symptoms, it did show arthritis in my lower back. Could MS make this worse? I had a bad back at the start of the year but it improved within a couple of days. This just doesn’t seem to be getting better. I have been for gentle walks everyday to try and stretch it out and also done some floor exercises. I’m currently taking strong co-codamol (don’t get me started on the constipation side effect) but even this isn’t helping now. The dr did prescribe laxatives to help. Just wondered if this pain could be MS related. I’ve read contradicting info about the links between arthritis and MS. Thanks all and a Happy New Year! Lorna xx

Hi Lorna

Do you have any difficulties walking? My lower back is just starting to really irritate me and I think it pretty much goes hand-in-hand with my righ leg feeling so heavy and I seem to bend down more as I can’t pick my feet up easily. It just feels really tight!

I don’t think there’s any direct correlation with MS but if there’s any awkwardness with your movement then it is bound to impact your back.

Do you stretch regularly? If not, I’d recommend doing that :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Hi Sonia, Yep I am struggling to walk straight and there is a bend in my posture, plus I am struggling to stand straight. My feet are numb at the moment and so I know I have been walking ‘odd’ with this. You are right, it probably just flared up problems with my spine. I have to say, a walking stick would be fab at the moment. I do try to stretch it but it’s so blimey painful. Lorna xx

Hello Lorna

I’ve had problems with back pain since my twenties…I’m 57 now.

Diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis in 2007, MS in August this year. I’m not sure if there is a link, although I have read that lot of people do get diagnosed with more than one autoimmune condition/disease



if you get a stick, make sure you use it in the correct hand! I automatically used it in my right hand as that’s my strongest arm (and I’m a bit numb on the left) and my right leg is the difficult one… after seeing the physio, I had to start carrying in the left hand so I used the stick with the opposite leg (I hope that makes sense!). She also gave me crutches and I use those when I’m really tired or I know I’ll get reliant on them.

If you are hurting then be careful and get some guidance before you hurt yourself. I was a fitness instructor so I worry about the damage people can do if they get it wrong! :wink:

Take care

Sonia x