Reactions to heat and sun, is anyone else experiencing these?

I think these are new symptoms as I don’t quite understand them. I’m getting a burning sensation, over most of my body but not as severe as the burning pain I get. However, I can see on my skin that I’ve not gotten burnt, ive just about managed pink! Also, it seems to be increasing my lack of grip on holding things,weakness in wrists and general aches all over. Last night I was so twitchy and itchy I wanted to scream! I’ve been getting some extra sun as I’m sure it won’t do any harm on top of the vit d supplement, but if no-one else gets this, do you think it could be a reaction to suddenly having so much vit d in my body where before i had so little? Also, contrary to my doctors belief that sun and vit d should get rid of pain, if anything its getting more persistent in the crushing/prickling/burning kind. I know its only been 2 and a half weeks since i started but i find it odd that it hasn’t lessened even a little.

am i being odd or has anyone else had this?


Hi Jules, I dont function well in the heat. Just a degree or too higher and it can affect us so much that we are practically useless.............whats new…only joking.

luv Pollx

The heat can be very debilitating for me and does exarcebate some of my symptoms, tingling + vision + strength is affected mainly.

Perhaps the burning sensation is a heightened sun burn reaction - your brain misinterpreting signals.

I read somewhere that the body limits the production of vit D (the levels a groups of surfers leveled off even with inreased sun exposure) so getting some sun to boost levels should be a good thing all else being equal. I had the same idea though haven’t been active about it.

But even if your skin is just pink, isn’t that the begining of sun burn? Do you burn easily?

Best wishes,


Well I burn through the window,factor 50+ does NOT protect me from the sun.I feel very ill with this heat,vibrations through my body,terrible fatigue and crash on the sofa through the day.Every MS symptom gets worse.I have no energy at all,I am weak.

The sun burns my eyes and my eyesight is all blurred.

I now wear long sleaved cotton shirts as I fear the sun.

I take around three cool baths per day to try and cool down.They help but not a cure.

I burned my lower back because the sun was coming through a closed window.I belive MS is the cause of our body changes.


Hi Jules, its gone 5a.m and I havent slept yet this heat.has greatly increased my symptoms, where there were tingled is now burning hot yet I havent been in the sun, pain is worse too. I was ok.yesterday I’m dreading later when its going to.get even hotter. eek.! Have xx Frank.

I think things get worse for me , when its over 21-22 degrees.

I love lying in the sun! The heat makes my arm stiffen and hand curl so I can’t straighten my fingers but I’m not letting MS beat me. It eases off when I cool down…so that just means more ice cream!

Thanks for all your replies, Frank, im sorry you are affected so badly. Jon, im not sure, i think i burn quite easily, or i used to, but i cover up more these days and don’t really sunbath since being told im prone to skin cancer. I’m getting the burning in places that haven’t been exposed to the sun though, bit odd. Nice to know im not entirely alone, but rubbish that we all have to endure such bad reactions when we should be enjoying the novelty of sunshine (((hugs to all)))


Always the heat plays games with us. I am just awake at a funny time after falling asleep early last night from manual labour in the garden. Generally I feel weaker in the heat, and more likely to suffer from fatigue.


My symptoms have been much worse over the last few days, I love the sunshine but not this heat :frowning:

I hope everyone’s symptoms imrpove when it cools down later this week.

Think it has been a little cooler today but im still soo tired… zzzz…

Yes its been cooler here and so less fatigue problems.

Room temperture over 20 deg C definitely affects me - I’m better off if I feel as if I could do with another layer on. If I do anything a bit active I feel a bit fuzzy headed and exhausted and have to collapse for a while. and cool off. My left arm forearm/grip is weak but getting a bit warm makes that worse - I didn’t work that out for a while - that walking really was linked to my left arm playing up.

With the sunburn (or not) I was wondering about problems such as Charlie wrote of.

Best wishes.

I totally get you with the better off if i feel as if i could do with another layer on feeling Jon! my right hand grip is generally weak which is a bit annoying as im right handed and my left hand has always been useless lol. Still,im sure we will all be a little sad when the rain comes back even tho we’ll feel a whole lot better!

Thank goodness it is cooler today. I feel much better. All of my symptoms are exacerbated by the heat, especially my dreadful legs. I agree - any hotter than 22 degrees and I can’t cope. Teresa xx

We have just had a drizzle of rain - woohoo! yet after a short brisk walk around the corner, getting mildly warm, i still had pain… sigh… ive spent the last 2 days wanting to take afternoon naps! last night i had burning feelings in my stomach and arms, but no sun around, i did however notice slightly less of a burning sensation with about 3 layers of suncream on on thursday, so im hopeful it was majoritively a little sunburn but i still don’t get why i can get burning pain when not in any sun at all, ive got in right now moving around my right arm, but im only warm… went to a local farm with my friend and her little girls on thurs, only there for a few hours, when i came home and sat down i could have slept right til bedtime without moving, everything was so heavy, yuck :frowning:

Hey jules . I have a temperamental badly behaved left foot. It alternates between burning and ice cold. Wonky nerves with wrong signals. Probably prefer burning to ice cold though. Hugs Min xx

my feet are like that sometimes, when they go numb its either burning/crushing pain then hot numb, or pain then cold numb, regardless of the temperature! weird…