Rather pleased with myself!

Hi all!

I'm feeling very pleased - if not shattered! Hubby and I have just come back from our very large Tesco's. I know it's not the most exciting place to go to but needs must you know!

Previous trips have involved me pushing the trolley half the way round and then needing to sit down and wait for him to finish the shopping. Then we decided to take the wheelchair in and fasten it to one of their disabled trolleys. I didn't like that as I didn't feel in control and I would be abandoned as he went back to get something we'd forgotten.

Anyway, today I decided to self-propel! I got all the way round, and at times was faster than hubby! And I was able to go back and get something we'd forgotten all by myself!

I know it's only a little thing but we are both feeling very pleased that I managed!!!

Sarah xx

Hi Sarah

I know it's a great feeling when things work out OK. When I first used the mobility scooter supplied by Morrisons I felt very conspicuous, but I soon got used to it and most people are friendly and helpful if I can't reach a shelf. We have to get out and be seen.


Lynne xx

Hi Sarah

Well done you, every achievement puts a smile on our faces, and puts you in a good frame of mind, albeit shattered.

Take care