gettingg wheels

after a few years of my walking getting steadly worse,i have now gave in and I am going to geet a scooter,my pride is hurt,my igo is shattered,but ive decided its either wheeles or 4 walls,wheels win

Hi there, Good decision. I’ve given in too and have been using a wheelchair for six months now when out and about. It’s a very hard decision to make but I’m glad I did because now I enjoy trips and shopping centres and go anywhere I can to get out and about. I hadn’t realised how much I had reduced my life to living vicariously through tv and computers. Next on the agenda is a new scooter so I can be more independant too. Unfortunately have left arm paralysis too so need someone to push in wheelchair. Don’t forget to do your exercises every day though. Must keep the body loose. Good luck! :wink:

Hi Getting a scooter was one of the best things I ever did. It was hard to use it at first, as it made it very real that things had really changed. But as a good friend of mine said it is a way of not letting the MS win. So now we can have family days out, which are less restricted and I can enjoy them without getting over tired. It also means that I can go where I want to :smiley: Enjoy, it will really improve your quality of life :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, I got a scooter 18 months ago. Felt that it was the end of the world really. The first couple of times I went out I was really scared and felt very self conscious. Then I started to feel a bit better on it. Then suddenly a penny dropped. I could ride it confidently. I went down local high street and felt like I hadn’t for ages. I was independent. I could browse the shops. I could buy whatever I wanted without worrying how I was going to get it home. I stopped for a coffee. I found people were friendly and helpful. I enjoyed my new-found skill of riding a scooter safely. I have never looked back. I cannot even imagine what life would be like without my scooter. I had a taste of it last winter when we had bad snow and was too dangerous to go out and I realised what it would be like without my scooter. It gives me freedom. Give yourself a bit of time to get used to it. Just do a few trips in streets close to home and practice reversing etc. Your confidence will soon build. And don’t think of it as a negative thing. If our eyes are not too good we wear glasses. If our hearing isn’t too good we wear a hearing aid. And if our mobility isn’t too good we ride or scooter… or use a wheelchair or stick or whatever. BUT they are only aids to give us our independence back. Take care and enjoy! :wink: Pat x

Hi, I know it feels bad when our legs give up on us. Dont think of this stage as giving up on yourself. All youre doing is getting something to help you. thats how I have always looked at the various aids Ive needed. Without these things, we would indeed, be bed/housebound. Now when I go shopping on my trusty scooter, I can whizz around and never get knacered - leg wise. You use those wheels and maybe we could have a race, eh? Ill give you a headstart, seeing as Im an old hand at this game. luv Pollx

hey Poll there you are i thought you had left and now ive found you :smiley: , ill no add you to my friends again and send you a message take care speak soon love Chris xxxxxxxxx

I am sure you will enjoy your new found freedom. Without these aids we would be all “stay at homes” sad and lonely. Keep on “wheeling” Pam :smiley:

had wheels over 2 weeks now,took them to blackpool,used it on saturday all day,I was not tired but my other half qwas lol,scooteed about for 5 hr,that would only be a distant dream before scooter,went up to locaal asda today,for paaper,instead of driving to local shop,it is good to get frsh air again,and see wot is outt sidde ur front ddoor :slight_smile:

Wheels have enhanced my life too. Now i`m learning how to hoist…difficult one this. Enjoy your scooter and go steady now, eh? luv Pollx