Do you feel bound or unbound by your wheelchair? I read this article and it got me thinking about how I feel about becoming a wheelchair user. Does the wheelchair define who I am? Am I bound by the wheelchair or unbound by it? How will my life change by being a wheelchair user? How did you feel when you became a wheelchair user? Take care all x

Very self conscious, very guilty because I felt that in some way I had no right to use a chair because, with difficulty I can actually walk a few steps. Now it’s second nature! I’ve also been very lucky in that I’ve not experienced people talking down to me, ignoring me, or talking to my husband in a way that suggests I’m not all there! I’ve read of so many people that have had these problems, not only must it be distressing, it must make a difficult situation even worse. No longer do I think of it as embarrassing but as a lovely machine that gets me off my feet and makes like better. Nina x

“No longer do I think of it as embarrassing but as a lovely machine that gets me off my feet and makes like better.” I think, or should I say know, I feel the same way. Totally un- bound by using wheelchair, as without it my life experiences and opportunities are extremely limited. Thanks for replying Nina.

Sorry! Should have been…makes LIFE better? I still don’t get out very much due to fatigue but at least now it’s possible. Nina x


My wheelchair is one of my best friends, cos without it I would be in bed all day. Mind you thats after a long time, but when I first had one I felt self conscious, awkward and totally embarrassed, but that soon changed when I realised I had my freedom back.

Keep smiling and keep on wheeling.

Pam x

Hi, I’m still getting used to it. I don’t use it much as I do all local trips on mobility scooter… so it’s only every so often. On mob scooter I feel very much in control. I know what I’m doing. I’m confident. I don’t feel self conscious. In wheelchair I still feel a bit self conscious. I feel dependent… but that of course is because I’m being pushed. I think it would feel completely different in electric wheelchair. Also it depends who’s pushing. I’ve had one person who made me feel dependent. She ignored my requests to stop to look at something. It’s like she was on a stage giving a performance… ‘look at me, I’m pushing a wheelchair’. It was horrid and really upset me. But recently I had someone push me who was great. She made it fun… we had a laugh. Everything I asked her, stop here, etc, she did immediatly. It was a very different feeling… felt in control and not a burden. But basically, as with mob scooter… these are just fantastic things that give us the ability to get around. They give us freedom and independence. Good post Rabbitinon! Pat xx

Hiya, to be honest, TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT, everyone staring at me-arsehole- got to places that before I couldn’t, nobody else is bothered, they even go out of their way to help, then got a mobility scooter, only bad weather keeps me in, I feel part of life in the village now, meeting folk, also got a lightweight scooter to keep in the car, life is good, Brian

I can certainly say both in equal measure, With a big dollop of frustration thrown in! There is nothing worse than never to be able to see farther than the backside of the person in front of you. Not to mention the time spent looking out for dog poo, raised pavements, cracks in pavements and people absentmindedly wandering from the straight and narrow into your path. Windowshopping too is out of the question! If you can call loud enough for the ‘pusher’ to hear your call to stop you can then get a bit queasy while they try to negotiate into the position for you to see the interest of your request. When anyone other than my wife is pushing its surprising how difficult it is for the inexperienced to negotiate a kerb…

I could go on but I’ve recently agreed to the ultimate embarrassment which is to be strapped in!

All good fun.



I have a wheelchair and a mob scooter. I use my wheelchair for work as I sometimes travel by train. I need assistance with getting my chair out of my car when I get to work but have real problems asking for help as the company have said they are not covered if they hurt themselves helpingm me.

My boss is great and always helps but when he is away I cannot work without hel.

I know some of my colleagues have back issues but all are reluctent to help. If this carries on I will have to stop working. I only work two days a week when I am fit enough but this is proving a challenge.

I have no problem with using a chair but I need help which at work is short in coming!

Oscar (unimpressed with some people)

Hi, I am a real advocator of wheelies.

No-one wants a wheelchair out of choice…if they can walk without feeing totally knackered after a few steps, or if they have legs and feet that stubbornly refuse to obey your brain`s orders to move.

My wheelie is my best friend…he takes me shopping, to the cinema, out for meals, etc.

Without it I would be bed and housebounnd and chuffin` fedup!

Now there are side effects of using them, but I`m not going to mention any I get, cos someone else may not get them and i dont want to be negative and put anyone off trying a wheelie.

My positive effects of using my wheelie far outweigh the negative.

I never feel embarrassed when in it, but can feel mad that not all shops etc make enough room or allowances for us on our wheeels.

NEVER feel guilty for doing what you have to do to.

luv POllx

Ere, I`ll tell you a little story which I hope wil make you laff.

years ago, my sis took me to see film at the cinema. It was in our early wheelie days and as it was a manual chair, she had control.

So we get to the cinema, pay for the tickets and enter the auditorium (thats a posh word for a friday afternoon)…we go up towards the centre seating, she puts me into position and takes a seat herself. She took her coat off and made herself comfy. Then I smiled at her and said…

Do you think you could turn me round to face the screen, so I can watch the film with you, please?

We couldnt stop laffing and that story has been told umpteen times. It always gets a laff!


Love it Pol, actually made me laugh out loud! Nina x

Same here Poll… laughing out loud… that is a classic!!! Pat xx

Thats brilliant Poll, made me laugh out loud, dog looked at me thinking I had lost me marbles!

Pam x

Lost your marbles Pam? getting down on the floor to look for them will be a challenge, Our Grandson replied to his mum after she in exasperation said " look now you have made me loose my temper" His reply was “what’s it look like Mum I will help you find it”

I cant get anywhere without my wheelchair I use an electric one indoors and my wife pushes me if we go out shopping or about.I love my chairs I would be indoors all day without them. In have a scooter but feel unsafe on it now I know if I was to fall off it and I have done in the past I9 would never be able to get off the floor and back on to the scooter. I have never fallen out of the wheelchair so feel safer in them.

Hi Don

Sounds like your grandson makes you smile much the same as ours does, out of the mouths of babes springs to mind.

My powerchair is my lifeline to sanity, without it I think I would be unbearable to live with, put it this way, it is either being used or on charge!

Hope you have a good weekend.

Pam x