qustion for other ladies - periods!!!

Hi ladies,

I am just wondering if somebody could help me! I have Secondary Progressive ms and my mobility is getting worse by the week!!! It seems that everything else is slowing up - bladder, bowels etc - except my menstrual cycle - periods are more regular than ever and quite heavy - they wear me out and also managing heavy bleeds with low mobility is very difficult, Getting to toilet quickly isn’t always possible and I’ve had a few leaks of blood!

I’m almost 46 so I could have periods for a few more years - how do other people manage? Please help


Hi Marie,

Pill for me! It doesn’t stop you having them, although I do know somebody very severely disabled by MS, whom I believe takes the pill continuously, to make life less difficult for both herself and carers, as she would have no chance of attending to her own sanitary arrangements.

But for those of us less disabled, it does at least keep them regular, and in my experience, shorter and lighter too.

For years before diagnosis, I’d just got used to the fact I had awful periods - I didn’t know I had MS, and they were actually playing havoc with that every month, which was why I was feeling so rubbish.

They had also come down to only three weeks apart, and were lasting a week, so I was literally getting only two “normal” weeks before starting again, and back to feeling lousy. :frowning:

As soon as I was diagnosed, I realised that whilst MS itself couldn’t be fixed, other minor health niggles that were adding to it probably could be, so I went to the doc’s and got the pill.

It took a couple of goes to find one that works properly for me. My doctor only wanted to put me on the mini-pill, because of my age (mid-forties, like you), so it’s not a very strong dose.

My body sometimes ignored the first type completely, and went ahead and did its own thing (ovulated, and produced a full normal cycle - thank God I wasn’t using it for birth control!)

The ones I’m on now (Microgynon) don’t produce quite such light and brief periods, so not as great in that respect, but do have the virtue that my body doesn’t seem to have learnt to override them yet! Not perfect, but still better than a really bad period, only two weeks after the last one finished.



Hi Tina & J,

Thanks for your posts - I’ll have to do something as I am totally wiped out by periods now. My mobility is definitely adding to problem as I have to try to get up during night due to heavy bleeds.

Pardon my innocence but what exactly is partial hysterectomy J?

Thanks again,


Hi me again,

In general do you find that periods make ms symptoms worse - or is that just me?

Hi Marie

Tranexamic Acid Tabs. Very effective. You can either get them prescribed by your GP or get them from Boots. No other chemist will have them.

You take 3 tabs when your period starts getting heavy and this will slow it down to around a half of what it was for 8 hours. The only way I could get a nights sleep was to take 3 before I went to bed and then if the bleeding started getting heavy again after 8 hours take another 3.

I did get checked out by the doc first to make sure there was nothing else going on but was told it was the change of life.

Hope this helps.

Shazzie xx

Thanks Shazzie - might mention to doc next week - getting over there is an ordeal - have to get bloods done anyway. Probably change of life with me too - I am of that age!!!

hi marie,

while i’m now at the ‘almost gone due to menopause stage myself’, my daughter has problems with quite heavy periods, and always had to get up a couple of times during the heavier nights. purely by chance i found out about something called a ‘mooncup’, which is an alternative to tampons. i won’t try to explain them, you can just check out info online. when my daughter tried one for a few days, she became a complete convert. she doesn’t have to get up in the night at all and the mooncup is just used over and over so you don’t have to buy anything else. you can buy disposable versions which are a cheaper way to try out the ‘system’(?!) and if you like it you can buy one of the ‘mooncup’ versions, sorry, i don’t know what the disposable version brand is, i looked at boots online, look for one kind and the site suggests the disposable brand too. my daughter’s raving about them to any woman who’ll listen. it took her a little while to get used to it. but i would have tried it too, it’s $0d$ law that i find out about the flippin things after the point that i could have used one, ah well.

hope you find something that works for you, take care,

wendy x


I’m on the Depo Provera injection and don’t have periods anymore. I was on it for years and fine, then started bleedeing again so tried the Mirena Coil (as they said that unless you’re very unlucky, it would stop periods). Anyway it didn’t stop mine and after about 12 months I gave up and went back on the Depo. I think I just needed a break from it as I’ve been on it about 7 months now and not had a period. You have the injection every 3 months.



Marina Coil worked well for me. Periods stopped but you must remember to get your hormone levels checked as you may not know when menopause is upon you and you need to have it removed.

Moyna xxx

Sub total hysterectomy worked for me. Totally wiped out after continuous periods. I kept ovaries so no HRT needed (was only early 30s when done) and kept cervix so smear tests still needed. Apart from that absolutely no chance of bleeding or becoming pregnant again - result!

Hi, I went on the pill for three months, it was great for my periods but havoc on my emotions lol. I felt like a teenager all over again, my moodswings were horrific! I have ow changed to the three yr implant. So far so good. If I was you I would speak to you Dr and see what hey advise. Good luck and I hope whatever you choose works for you x


Just wanted to comment that a colleague of mine had a partial hysterectomy at about 45. Removed her womb but left the ovaries as explained above. It gave her a new lease of life. She suffered from niggly health problems before but has (fingers crossed) been fit and well and lost weight since. She thinks her joints are better as well.

Personally - I can’t wait for mine. 41 now. Am on Microgynon (shouldn’t be really because of age) and when they wouldn’t prescribe it for a while I was flooding for about 8 days every 3 weeks. When they stop it this time I’m going to get a bit stroppy and push for a partial hysterectomy. It’ll be one less thing to worry about amongst the myriad problems I have.

Hope this helps.

Ann xx

Thanks everybody for your detailed posts. Will have another read of them tomorrow and will be well armed with information when I visit my doctor on Monday - hopefully.

It really seems to be trial and error in some cases to find the most suitable product.

I really appreciate all of your replies

Marie x

You’re welcome Marie. I know ho disabling flooding can be. I missed a few family occasions due to mine a couple of years ago. Til my GP suggested T. Acid.

Good luck sweets.

Shazzie xx

Thanks Shazzie,

Men have it so easy don’t they=(

Thanks Shazzie,

Men have it so easy don’t they=(

Thanks Shazzie,

Men have it so easy don’t they=(

Thanks Shazzie,

Men have it so easy don’t they=(

Thanks Shazzie,

Men have it so easy don’t they=(

sorry about all of the posts!!! don’t know what happened.