So I spent the morning feeling sick and dizzy, to then find that I’ve ‘come on’ this afternoon. Both of my legs have tingling sensations. I wondered if anyone else has MS symptoms or relapses when they are on?

on?? I am assuming you are talking about menstruation?

My MS symptoms flare up if i get my period, but I stack my birth control pills so I don’t really have a period. Maybe 3 times a year? My MS nurse told me that a lot of women get flare ups when they get their period, some worse than others, hence why I stack the pills.

If you are talking about something completely different, ignore what I wrote lol

Hi Faula

Yes I am talking about menstruation haha. I didn’t have a period for a few years as I was taking contraception, but I am now trying for a baby so no contraception and my period has come back with a vengeance! Thanks for your comment - guess I must definately have ms flare ups each time! This seems to be the worst flare up I’ve had whilst being on my period. Due to go back to work tomorrow too, arghhhhhh!!

ugh :confused: well hopefully you get pregnant soon. Go talk to your GP and see if there is anything you can take to help. I know of a few things to help, but not sure if they would be ok if you are trying to conceive.

thanks Faula, will do!