a question for the ladies


I think I have an issue with my ‘hormones’! I have been asking the hospital about my problem for years but get no help so I am asking the people who might know and care.

I suffer quite badly with my MS-mobility, brain fog and irritability. Anyway when I start my period I am a different person, not 100% cured but my symptoms are not as bad and I feel I could walk a mile (I cannot).

This month was a miracle the weekend before my period I kept collapsing, could not get up, stand up, walk more than a few steps then there was a miracle I could get up, stand, walk, move than a few steps. Now my period has ended I can feel the old MS returning.

I need to see my GP but I do not know what to ask for or what he can give me. Does anybody else suffer with this or does anybody know what I need?

Thank you for any help you can offer.


That’s really interesting.

Sorry I can’t help (10 years post menopause!) but I read something this morning about oestrogen helping common MS symptoms.

When I remember where I read it, I’ll come back and update. x

Very interesting, I have heard before that some people see an improvement during their period.

I wonder if the doc can give you a hormone pill to see if you might get similar benefits between periods by maintaining hormone levels during your period through the rest of the month?? I don’t know if that is a thing… Worth a chat to the GP or neuro though to see if they have any ideas. Go armed with data based on recent periods and how symptoms affected, so they have a reason to believe you. Possibly aim to talk to a female doctor who might be less inclined to dismiss you.

I was the other way round! MS symptoms worse for 4 or 5 days then my period would start and I would be a bit better then when finished back to normal (although normal for me is not brilliant to start with) My GP gave me a low dose pill and then later HRT to try to even out the hormones during my cycle and it really helped.

Sorry about vague message yesterday.

Today - I’m sure I read it on Bart’s Blog, but just had a quick search and couldn’t find the exact bit I was looking for. However there is a lot interesting info there about oestrogen. Worth a look.