Time of the month

Good morning, I would like to ask the lady’s if they find their mobility & general ms symptoms deteriorate during the time of their periods or if it is just me that finds this happens. I woke up this morning even though my mobility is very bad due to bad left foot drop my balance is very bad today & I have had a fall already today falls usually happen to me later on in the day when I am very tired, I find the same thing happens every month around this time.

thanks in advance ladies for any replies


Hi Sylvia.

I am now post menopause so I don’t get problems, only when I get a hot flush and when this does happen my symptoms elevate. I also used to get increased symptoms at the time of the month. I think it is where our temperatures increase during this time.

Hope you manage to stay cool at these times, which really used to help me.

Shazzie xx


Yep, it’s a known thing. As Shazzie says, probably to do with the slight, hormone-driven rise in body temperature.

I went on the mini-pill as soon as I was diagnosed, although I’m not using it for contraception (not seeing any action, so don’t need to).

The periods you get on the pill are not proper periods, so although I still get a slight worsening of symptoms when I take my one week’s gap, it’s not at all as bad.

I’ve also got the OK from the doc to run two packs back-to-back, so I only get one bleed every two months - fantastic - and saves a fortune in sanitary products! Especially as my natural periods were down to every three weeks (getting near the end, now - some people’s get further apart, some more frequent). Eight weeks compared to three is paradise, as far as I’m concerned!

Apparently, it wouldn’t actually be harmful to health to go longer without a gap, but nature tends to get a bit insistent, and you get breakthrough bleeding, which is annoying and inconvenient, so the best compromise is a two-month cycle.

I have to have regular blood-pressure checks (regular actually being annual, so it’s not too bad) in view of my age, but it’s made a big difference to quality of life.


I used to feel worse at the time of the month but then my period was always due when my tysabri was due so I was never sure whether it was all just my need for my tysabri or period too!! Either way people used to stay out of my way during that week! And generally Id have some apologies to dish out after lol! I do get grumpy and short tempered when I’m painful!

I haven’t experienced this, but have had a coil since before I was diagnosed. It’s the Mirena coil, which releases a low dose of something or other, so I haven’t had a period for just over 5 years now. I don’t seem to get any of the monthly symptoms I used to get either. It’s (over)due to be changed, and I’ll be sticking with it. Might be worth considering on all counts. Perhaps it stops (or lessens) the hormonal changes, I don’t know. It is saving me a small fortune in ‘feminine hygiene products’ though!

Thank you for your replies everyone. Now I know its not just me I’ll just have to cope every month & im 50 so it won’t be much longer I hope.


I don’t think I ever experienced this but I’m now pretty much finished with periods. Thankfully, I seem to be having a fairly early menopause with (so far) no bad effects. It’s now been about 6 months since my last non event of a period that lasted about 1 day. Hurrah. (Just had to post, there’s so little in my life to boast about that I had to take the opportunity when offered! Sorry.)


A friend was told it could be due to a higher temperature at that time of the month and advised to take Paracetamol. Can’t remember if it worked or not.

Jan x

I am over all that thank god,i had the menopause when i was 54,but 10 years before i was finished with them,i was quite ill the week before and the week after i was wiped out,but i was also anaemic too, my periods towards the end got heavier and longer,i seemed to be on one constantly,i thought they would never end,i am so pleased to be over it,mine affected my ms a hell of a lot,in fact the last one i had i also had the start of a nasty relapse, 3 years ago.

J x