Question for ladies - why do symptoms get worse at " that time of the month" ?

Or is it just me? Without fail, every month, I have always had an increase in fatigue and pain in my feet and legs/heavy feeling, occasionally I’ll get an increase in buzzing in arms,dizziness,heat sensitivity (no wait, thats anytime of month!) and before this month I had a lot of the weirdness of pulsy/poppy/tremor between my eyebrows, tho this time round it seemed to be more above my right eye. but i know i have a weak right eye so im putting an eye issues down to that. will get reading glasses one day! does anyone else get a worsening of symptoms at their time? I’d understand the increased fatigue if i was anaemic, but results came back saying im not. only thing low is vit d, and since im approaching 2 months on the supplement, still with only minimal effect, ooh i don’t know…

My spasticity and pain always flares up when its time of the month. It’s like the normal horrendous period pain coupled with more pain. So the first 2 days are terrible for me. It always messes my bowels up again too so I end up again a riduclous number of times the first day and then it gradually seems to get to an even keel but not sure if thats neuro or not. Though I did have my bowel affected in my first epeisode.

Perhaps its the increase in body temperature whne its time of the month. I know when I mentioned it on the forum a few months back I wasn’t the only one who noticed a change. Either way I always hope it happens over a weekend or on holiday as I don’t know how I’d cope at work. I’m bad enough with normal period pain and have had to lie down on a patient bed for a few hours waiting for pain killers to kick in before I’m any use so with the added issue I’m not great to be around then.

Hope you feel better.



Yes, my symptoms are always worse and like you Reemz, my bowel issues (fairly new thing) flare up again.

Mags xx

Hormones :frowning:

Estrogen is helpful to MS. When the levels drop, symptoms increase - which isn’t great if you’re approaching menopause because it means that nice protective effect is about to disappear for good :frowning:

Karen x

Mine too… always so much worse around that time ! :frowning:

Ahhh so thats why. I always wondered and thought maybe temperature. I always get very warm when I’m about to start so put it down to that. You’re a wealth of knowledge Karen :slight_smile:


aha! thanks Karen for your knowledge! (((hugs to all us ladies i think are in order)))


Im so glad this question as come up as have had such problems and kept meaning to ask my GP if it can be affected . About 4 days before I start feeling really bad and my symptoms ie dizziness pain weakness come on a lot worse . I didn’t no if I was imagining it !! So it’s nice to no I’m not alone and to hear the reasoning behind it . Thanks this has been very helpful . Sarah x

glad i asked then if it helped you Sarah :slight_smile: ive had bad times of the month from day one but i just thought i was unlucky! now it all makes more sense!


Yes it really has helped , been questioning it for along time but like you I thought maybe it’s just bad luck . Oh the joy hey !! As if we don’t have enough problems it’s another to add to the ever growing list !! Lol :slight_smile: Sarah x