Menstrual cycle and symptom increase?

Hi everyone, I have read the Women’s health section relating to MS and hormones; I’m not Dx and in the investigative stages after varying symptoms which worsened and changed in December and again in February, been off work (2nd week) cervical spine MRI showed no orthopedic changes causing pinched nerves as suspected originally. Seeing neurologist in April. Had eventful day yesterday between GP and optician due to suspected optic neuritis-it was diagnosed as dry eyes causing pain, blurring, floaters and pain over 10’days. Also informed am vit D deficient from recent bloods. Today I woke to that time of the month; both arms buzzing with pins and needles and both legs and feet too. I always overheat at this time of month and have the usual ‘could murder my husband/kids syndrome etc’. Had usual shower which turns head/neck numb left side. But the stabbing burning pain to jaw, ear, head neck, shoulder arm, fingers all left side. I thought was under some control with gabapentin has gone wild today, I’m soooo stiff feel like been hit by bus, am shattered. Has anyone else noticed links to hormones and neuro type symptoms? I was building up to return to work Monday, I could cry today, only done light work in house and am back to square one. Need to moan I’m afraid. Ally x

Hi Ally, Although my symptoms are not quite the same as yours, I have definitely noticed an increase in symptoms prior to my period, and during. Often it’s the fatigue that really increase but other things too. Leah :slight_smile:

Hi Ally - so sorry you’re having a lousy day…

I have always found I’ve felt worse with the start of my period - actually when I had some dreadful days ( symptoms like yours) I thought I was reacting to the prescribed drugs I was given for that time of the month. However that was not the case. I’m now in limboland so not dx but in the neuro system.

Would it be worth ringing the surgery & chatting this through before they close just so it’s added to your records (as your being investigated/watched anyway?) It might help you feel reassured.

Hope you feel better soon hun.


Thank you both, We are complex systems eh, I tried to read my Tortora anatomy and physiology bible from student nurse days, re: the nervous and endocrine systems, it’s like an electricians manual far too complex for my work! I’m keeping daily diary to take to neurologist, think GP has passed me over to get on with it now in system. Seeing physio tomorrow from spine clinic who are great and also re: meds advice. Chins up and carry on. Ally x

Haahaa! I’ve got Tortora!

Great for insomnia …zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!

C xx

How heavy is it though!! Ha ha :))

Hi Ally, Sitting in my hospital bed with steroid insomnia! My symptoms are most definitely worse around that lovely time! Maybe what I need is a Totora to help me sleep may see if at of the nurses have it, lol! Going back to your eye problems Ally, my left eye has been feeling awful! Today on LP inter cranial pressure was very high at 35.7! Had a great deal drained off (7 tubes and a vial) and eye now feels much better, may be worth exploring. Di x

Yup, worse for me too! My MS Nurse told me that it’s because of the rise in body temp at that time of the month (apparently even on 0.5 degree rise can exascerbate symptoms)…

Mags x

Hi Di! If I was nearer to you I’d bring my Tortora in to the hospital! Do you have 2 more days now? That’s interesting about the cranial pressure and the eye. Last night I was in lot of pain from neck, shoulder and my jaw, ear up to the left eye was bad too, seems to me on a link? Hence the Tortora - trying to link up the nerve pathways etc…I have read that the dry eye syndrome can be caused by facial nerves linked with the T.neuralgia? Ask the nurses on ward to get some research papers for you to do systematic review whilst your in there lol! Mags, gosh 0.5degree only rise, that’s amazing, I’m going away in 2 weeks and the med temp is rising, think I’ll spontaneously combust! Thanks all Ally xx

Hi Ally, Sustatic review I’m not that desperate!!! Yep 2 more doses of steroids to go and then we will see. I get facial neuralgia too was just left sided can now be right too at times. The guy that did my LP was amazed I didn’t get more headaches! Di x

my symptoms usually get worse when I’m on my period. I spoke to my MS Nurse earlier today and she said it’s pretty common and people report it quite often

Alex xx