worse when period due?

Does anyone get more relapses or worse symptoms when their period is due(sorry all men out there!! lol), i te nd to get so much worse just before my period and especially if i have an episode its always then!!?? does anyone get this?

This is surprisingly common! It’s all to do with hormones. Some hormones are protective, and when they are low, MS symptoms can be worse. The menopause usually results in worsening MS :frowning: Whereas taking the contraceptive pill (even if you don’t need it) can prevent symptoms. If you are suffering every month it might be worth asking your GP about it? Karen x

thanks karen everytime i have a bad relapse my period starts, also always had problems with endometriosis, i see the gynie dr the end of the month, so might let him know. also turning 40 and obviously hormones changing with age i guess, lol

I now what you mean. My periods are not ever so regular really but I know when I will be soon as about a week before I feel rotten, my MS probs and worse and then boom I start my period. They have got heavier too :roll:

[ When I use to get periods I always had increased spasticity and spasms, fatigue etc starting a few days before. It can also be due to an increase in your core body temperature. I use to find trying to keep cooler helped. I’d been through the menopause by fourty seven and the menopause symptoms were a piece of cake compared to my neuro symptoms. Jacqui x

I’m in the peri menopause and have had rampant heart palpitations for 2 yrs, seeing a cardio about it, had 24 hr ECG and heart scan too. I missed two periods and they stopped dead when the next one came along. I did mention to the cardio that I thought it was fluctuating progesterone levels (my mum, her mum, my best friend and my x MiL had them too) and would stop when my fertility did. So now I have one a week instead of four per minute and aren’t permanently out of breath, thankfully. My p is sort of ongoing, all to pot now. Wish it’d hurry up and all stop, Early at 43 but my mum was, and her mum too was even earlier. My symptoms are worsening and started after the hot flushes and the numb fingertips which I had 40 - 42. Defo daily stuff is worse since the palps stopped. I now have two symptoms every day instead of one. And increasingly periodic, too. Not just one twitch, but several at a time. Fer-heeeezing toes for most of the last 5 days. Evening primrose is hormone balancing. I’m going to give it a try. We use it for the kid’s eczema, anyway so there are always bottles around as they all kicked off with the start of new term, esp. DS who went up to big school.

Thanks everyone for your replys, at least im not on my own!! hope you are all doing ok and thanks for the support xxx :slight_smile:

I haven’t got a diagnosis as yet but am in the process of further tests but I did have my first monthly last week after having my son 9 months ago and for the 4 days prior I had terrible fatigue and muzzy head which I have suffered from as part of my symptoms. I could barely move. It was awful so it is interesting to see this. I had decided it must have been due to my hormones. Something to look forward to every month then. The hubby may prefer the fatigue to the hysterics I used to get though. :lol:

shortykat_uk wrote:

The hubby may prefer the fatigue to the hysterics I used to get though. :lol:

:lol: Karen x