A question for the ladies

Hello all Can someone tell me if MS symptoms get worse during your monthlies? I am not having a very good time of the month and my balance is the worst I have ever been. Is this a relapse or could it be my monthlies. Are there any medications available to take at this time Thanks Spiderwoman

i AM EXACTLY THE SAME!! Not every month, but when i have a bad relapse, my period is due and once i start it tends to slowly get better, weird. i have heard a lot of woman tend to get worse when their period is due , im 40 yrs old and suppose i am what they call perimenopausle?? can get worse at menopause??? Hope you start to feel better soon moggie

Yes I get the same thing too. About 5 days before I’m due my temperature goes up and all my symptoms are worse. My Gp suggested Prozac might help, so I am giving it a try but so I haven’t noticed a difference. When I saw my Gp he did some blood tests to check my thyriod and also to see if I was pre-menopause. Thyriod was fine and I’m noy reaching that stage in life even at 45! Twist

This is really common - it’s the hormones. The contraceptive pill levels the hormones out so you stop getting these psuedo-relapses. GPs don’t usually like prescribing it when we’re older, but if there is a medical need then they will. Karen x

Thank you to everyone who provided advice for me on MS and monthlies. Having a bit better day today Thanks again Spiderwoman

I did but they have stopped.

I’m perimenopausal. BTW, you’re peri if you have peri symptoms, not by age. 40 is very early, I’m 44 and it’s early but so was my mum, and her mum and a familial connection indicates early menopause, also late first period (I was 15 with mine) and the symptoms can be palpitations (for me 2 yrs of them!), hot flushes (for 18 months), dry skin (last year), mood swings (not really), irregular periods (for a year), numb finger and thumb tips (for a year, at the same time as the hot flushes). I’ve had all of them and am now missing periods and the palps stopped dead recently so it might be all over (finger’s crossed) as they are caused by fluctuating hormones.

You dont have menopause until 6m with no periods and a blood test from the dr (or six months no p’s and being old, which I am not so will have to have the blood test)

Evening Primrose Oil can help wtih balancing hormones and that my help with MS symptoms too.