a ladies question

Does anyone else find that their pmt has become worse since having a ms? I’ve cried more over the last couple of days and things having been bothering me more than normal

Hi Minnie,

Not quite, but more the other way round. I find the MS is worse at that time of the month. For years, I assumed I just had “really bad” periods - bad enough I felt I should not really be at work, or go anywhere, and just wanted to lie on the floor!

I never associated this with any underlying illness, even though I knew things had not always been this way. I told my mum, but she was not particularly surprised, and just said: “Hmmm. Things do change as you get older.”

When I was in the process of being diagnosed, and eager to find out all I could about MS, I learnt it’s not uncommon for symptoms to flare up during your period. So that probably explained why I’d been feeling so dreadful once a month.

I lost no time getting myself fixed up with the contraceptive pill - purely to control the monthly flare-ups, as I wasn’t sexually active.

It took me a couple of goes to find one that suited, and I could only have the mini-pill, due to my age. But the monthly cycle has been a lot less traumatic. Except if I stupidly forget a pill… Then it all goes wrong, and I end up with what seems like a proper period, complete with all the flare-up of MS symptoms I’ve been trying to avoid.

Have done exactly that this week. Too late by the time I realised. Kept on taking the pills anyway, in the hope my body might not notice the skipped one, and I’d get away with it. But no, feeling rubbish all week, and all for the sake of one missed little pill. :frowning:


nope, but only get about 2 periods a year since I take birth control pills without a break. Getting my period really flared up my MS symptoms so the less I have to deal with the better.

I am a man and my MS has made me an emotional wreck I cry at anytime over supply stuff. I used to be a ruffty tuffty builder now I even cry at adverts or radio plays etc I am a wreck

I’m 39 now was dx not that long ago. When I was in my teens my PMT used to be so bad I would be rolling around on the floor in pain. Then the pains started improving in my late 20’s and then 30’s. I have noticed though that some of my MS flares have been around the time of the month. So I wonder if there is a link between when my MS flares strike and my time of month.

I guess my body is going through a change and is under stress maybe when it is time of the month and that perhaps contributes to my body being vulnerable for an MS flare. It’s just an idea that’s all, I know everyone is different who has MS. Different MS patients have different relapse triggers.

I never noticed any changes around my monthly cycle just the usual mood swings everyone seems to get at some point. Having said that I have been going through the change for the last few years coincidently (or not) my M.S has gone from R.R to S.P. I have often wondered if hormone changes were contributing. I have also been unusually emotional but I have put that down to the changes In my life due to my worsening condition. I have a Granddaughter of 2 1/2 and it breaks my heart not to be able to take her to the park unless my 83 year old mother comes with me. Mam’s the one who has to follow her round so she doesn’t come to any harm. I cry an awful lot about that kind of thing. Is your PMT worse? For once it would be nice to get a yes or no off the medical profession wouldn’t it? I would say for some it will make a difference and for some (mainly men haha) it won’t. If you have had significant changes since having M.S symptoms then it’s a yes for you. Have a word with your nurse if it’s impacting on your life she might be able to advise. It’s a lovely day where I am hope it is for you too. Jan

Hi Minnie, Just to add - I had a mirena coil inserted 2 years ago and haven’t had a period since - bliss Min xx

Soppy stuff not supply stuff

I have never really had bad PMT but I do get slightly more emotional since I developed MS. I hadn’t noticed any link between symptoms and periods but I have PPMS so I don’t have much variability anyway.

Those of you who do get more emotional should look up emotional lability. It’s a known symptom of MS that I understand happens when your brain chemicals are messed up in some way. Not to mention the impact on you of knowing you have an incurable illness. I seriously thought I was losing controI until I found out about this delightful aspect. My MS consultant recommended a mixture of c

ounselling and antidepressants. These have worked but it has been a long struggle to feel like me again. Hope this helps.

My ms started last may, just had a baby my hormones were everywhere not in the crying sense. If anything I was totally dead inside apart from my kids they were the only ones I felt emotion for. Ended up aneamic periods were really heavy tryed the coil and my ms was worse had a really heavy period for 7 weeks. but ended up on mini pill bliss. Have had one one day period since starting it, touch wood I’ve managed to continue managing iron levels My doc put me for a pelvic scan and in the notes to consultant she said she wanted my periods sorted as it affects ms. X

I have had this for years, whether it is ms or not I do not know (and may never know as I’m currently undiagnosed) but my moods when my periods come around, drop rapidly and I feel awful. This has been lessened by the use of Agnus cactus which is used to help with womanly problems including pms, menopause etc it, I tried going off of it last year and my period came around; I felt utterly dreadful. So maybe that’s an option if you don’t want hormonal treatment? Do some research around it? You can get it at any Holland and Barrett, this is merely a suggestion! I don’t want you to think I’m enforcing ideas on you. Just thought I’d tell you my experience! Take care!