Quick Question

Hi Just wondering if hot flushed could be a symptom? My GP has confirmed I’m not menopause. (Neuro appt not until next month, awaiting dx). Kaz xx


I don’t get hot fushes in the day but I do get night sweats (mmm lovely), often when I’m heading for a relapse. My hormone levels were tested and came back normal and my neuro at the time, said that it could well be to do with MS. It’s horrible as I wake up feezing cold with horrible wet PJ’s and sheets, so I have to get up and change, only for it to happen again!



Thank you Sue. I get them mostly during the day but occasionally at night too. I feel very hot and clammy and can’t stand anyone being to close to me. I usually head for the nearest outside door to try to cool down! Kaz xx

If it helps at all, even if it just makes you feel a little bit better about having one, start calling it a tropical moment! I have tropical moments quite a bit, n if anyone asks if I’m ok when iv gone all red, clammy & on the verge of passing out I say I’m fine darling, just having a tropical moment! Always makes me smile

Ha ha ha, I love that! When I knew I wasn’t menopausal, yet again I thought I must be imagining things! (Although the sweating Is certainly real enough!!) I thought it was highly unlikely but figured it was worth finding out if it could be connected with my illness. I never cease to be amazed by how many varied and random symptoms I experience which could be explained by MS!! If dx could be made on symptomic history alone, then I’d be a dead very! Right, off for a cup of tea before I have another tropical moment :wink: Kaz xx