Sorry, but can I just ask if anyone else has experienced the most horrendous, sudden attacks of the sweats???

It feels like my body’s thermostat has broken and I cannot control it. It can happen at any time without warning. I have also started experiencing an odd sensation like I have sunburn that has been slapped… especially on my left cheek???

It might be just me, or something totally unrelated… I don’t know.

Grateful for any input please xxx

I’ve started getting a bit of flushing after taking Oxybutynin, thought it was the menopause until I checked the side effects from the drug.

So, if you’re not of an age to get peri-menopausal symptoms, check any side effects from drugs you take. Otherwise, maybe someone else has suggestions for neurological causes?


I get hot flushes, but it’s my age rather than MS. I find that staying cold helps, plus strategically placed fans. A hand-held fan can be a godsend when out on a hot day.

The sensation you talk about sounds like neuropathic pain - pain without a physical cause. I get a mild burning sensation when I touch the area above my lip. It’s just another way that MS messes with us.

Oh man, I read that as sweets…

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Yeah, I get incredibly hot at night on and off. It wakes me up and I stand in the open window in the dead of winters nights like a loon. Also happens if it’s very warm. Or, if Im super-lucky, it happens at random XD