Hi, I have looked online and came across a few sites saying that HRT is helpful for when you have hot flushes and sweat just drips of your body. I am past the menopause so if anyone can give me some advise i would be very grateful. Purlywurly x

I have had hot sweats in bed, too. I wish I knew how to get rid of them. Mine are like my body is on fire. Does anyone else have this? Also, I can’t turn over in bed. I haven’t been diagnosed with M.S but a form of Parkinsons although the symptoms are more like M.S. I am female and aged 8O so I suppose I am lucky these symptoms never appeared until I was 79. In fact, I know I was lucky, but what I am getting now is really terrible.No balance whatsoever and constant fatigue. Still, have to carry on regardless. I do have a good husband who takes care of me so I am doubly lucky.

I think you need to see your GP.

If it’s a reaction to DMD then anti histamamins may help. (Sorry about spelling)

Hi i get the body on fire during the day too, like my legs are on fire its horrific. I hate it but it just goes away then another day it will be the freezing i am in a freezer day.

I do get burning fire at night so i use a blanket cradle which keeps the bedding off my legs which i find is one of the reasons it happens.

I would talk to your GP hun about this as if it is a nerve thing which it can be with either MS or parkinsons then you might benefit from meds to calm it down.

You could call the parkinsons helpline and ask them advise. 0808 800 0303. xx