Hi everyone, I had a mri yesterday. They said it was just a review, so would be a quick one. It was about 15 minutes. Been on tecfidera for about 14 months. So I guess a review to see if it is working. Just strange it wasnt that long, as usually they at least over 30 minutes or mostly longer. Has anyone had a quick mri ??? Just wondered if they are quick MRI’s does it show up if anything else was wrong other than ms? Any help please.

If theh did an MRI of one area, ie cervical spine, or lumbar spine, then I guess it could be just 15 mins. I can’t see them doing a full brain and spine MRI in that time.

Mines never been that quick. As smile said it depends on what parts they actually scanned. Would have said what part on the appointment letter. Mine always say head and cervical spine. Your quick one could have said just one of them or another part completelty

I think it depends on if they are just doing an MRI scan of a specific area? All 4 of my MRI scans since last July have taken around 15-20 minutes. They have been individual body part scans, head, cervical spine, lumbar spine, thoracic spine. Although I wish they would have just done the whole lot in one go when I was in hospital last july…

Hi there ‘ncm123’

My very first MRI took about 15 mins, it was just the brain ( ‘head’ ). Since then I’ve had many ‘head and full spine with contrast’, they take about an hour.

As you say, it sounds like a review.

Try not to worry


I’ve never had one that quick but sure they wouldn’t have you there and not get all the images they needed so try not to worry. You were probably just perfectly still! I think when they take longer it’s usually down to them repeating bits until they get a clear image they’re happy with so sounds like they just got everything they needed first time.