How long for a MRI scan@


Trust everyone is well (reletively speaking)

Anyway, had a MRI this morning, it only took 15 mins, All other ones have taken much longer (45mins usally) Can anyone offer any advice. Just wondered really, it seemed such a short time.

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Mine lasted about 45mins, they had to redo one because it wasn’t clear enough, so presumably around 30mins is about right since they took images of my head and spine. 15mins per image.

My scans were to detect ms for diagnosis, if you are known to have MS presumably yours were short because they knew where to look for the scan to be useful.


Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Yes, i have been already diagnosed sometime ago, so, your explanation makes good sense…why didnt i think of it!

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anyone else’s experience please?xxx

If it was just your brain and they didn’t use contrast, then 15 minutes sounds fine. Maybe they cut out some of the superfluous scans too?

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I remember when I just had it for the brain it was about 30 mins.

In Jan I had one for my brain and whole spine and it took 2 hours.

My last MRI was done in the bigger (and newer scanner) because I was too anxious/claustrophobic in the other one and in addition to being much more spacious I was told it would also be a lot faster, and that scan took about 20mins. So maybe it was just in a different machine…