Can anybody tell me

How long roughly it takes for a brain and full spine mri? I have mine tomorrow and am claustrophobic so some rough idea would be great as to know what to expect.

Mine took about 35 mins it was fine and i was worried i would not fit in the tunnel being on the large side of cuddley but just try to stay calm and relax it will be over before you know it .

Hi Superbecks Don’t worry it’s OK. It can be noisy though. I suggest you take along a favourite CD which they should be able to play whilst you are scanned to help relax you. Think its for your benefit to help the docs find out what’s wrong with you. Good luck Min xx

Thank you. I had a brain MRI a couple of months ago and had diazepam to help me relax, that one took about 25 minutes so thought the spine and brain together would be much longer…if its 35 mins it will be a nice surprise!

get them diazies into you then who care how long it takes

Hi I had brain & spine done on Friday , took 35 mins. Good luck Gray

Thank you Gray :slight_smile: I’ve convinced myself it’s probably not MS as I had a brain scan not long ago that was reported as normal. My neuro said they hadn’t looked for MS though, but surely it would have been seen if it was there?

When I had my MRI you couldn’t miss Ms, lesions were glowing like flares. Good luck, hope you get the answers your looking for. Take care Gray x

She said a lot of my symptoms could be spinal lesions but I’m hoping for none obviously, she also mentioned something about FLAIR to do with an MRI but I have no clue what she was on about. We’re they looking for ms with you or was it not suspected when they did the MRI?

Probably not what you want to read at all, but my last brain & spine MRI took over an hour.

I guess the time it takes can depend on the skill of the operator, type of scanner and type of scan being performed.

When I was last ‘scanned’ (2012), it was a completely different machine to my initial (1998) scan, but still no music piped in - not even a radio station. Just the loud noises of the scanner being operated.

At least in this thread, we have a range of 35-60 minutes (…and I had to spoil it, didn’t I ?!!)


Haha dom I’m all done. Thankfully had it at 8am this morning. Got myself into a right state and thought I wasn’t gonna go in but I managed. Took about 35 minutes, they promised me they would do it as quick as possible for me. Just to wait for the results now which will be a killer. I’ve heard people ask for a disk but she told me I would have the results before the disk xx