Full spine MRI

Hi again, I am having a full spine MRI on Friday (not really looking forward to it, had 3 brain ones so far) but I was wondering how long this is likely to take? slightly claustrophobic each time

Thanks in advance


I had brain, neck and spine MRI that took an hour I don’t think yours will be that long though I tried to keep eyes closed didn’t feel like an hour though.

I had brain and full spine done and it took about 50 minutes. It doesn’t seem like that long though

Good luck! xxx

Hi Clare,

I’ve just come out of hospital after a 9 day stay and have been diagnosed with probable MS. Still awaiting final results of spinal fluid tests.

In hospital I had a spinal MRI. I suffer from claustrophobia and had to abandon the first scan. The doctors were excellent and came and saw me and prescribed a dose of Diazapan which was taken about 40 minutes before the scan.

It certainly worked and I was able to close my eyes and take myself off to nice holiday destinations in my head. My wife was also able to come into the MRI room and hold my leg or head at either end of the scanner.

The operator of the MRI scanner also talked me through what was happening. Part way through they pulled me out and injected some contrast dye through my cannula and then went back in again for another 10 minutes. In total it took about 40 minutes but I have to say that the Diazapan worked a treat and seemed to reduce my anxiety levels to a very manageable level.

Two days later I had a brain MRI and again I took a dose of Diazapan. The head scan only lasted about 20 minutes in total and again they used contrast dye part way through.

Perhaps have a chat with them about possible use of a Diazapan sedative.

Hope eveything goes well for you.


Thank you, just realised I pressed the question twice oops, have diazepan spare from flying, will have a think.

Hi Clare

I had the full one and it took an hour, was strangely relaxing which I didnt expect! It did pass quickly,hope it goes ok for you!

Hi im due to have a full spine mri. Do you lie on your stomach and I assume you go right through the tunnel. I had w mri on my knee three times which took about 20 minutes. Can you take your own headphones and music?

For spine mri you lie on your back and your head is in the cage thing to stop it moving. Not sure about headphones never had that option with all the mri’s I’ve had!

You won’t be able to take your own headphones and music because of the metal! (I don’t mean heavy metal in the music sense, just in the no metal allowed in the MRI.)

You lay on your back, they stick a cage thing over your head and sometimes offer you music through headphones, but personally I’ve always found the racket in the MRI drowns out music.

I find it rather hypnotic. The noise is at times quite terrific. And rhythmic. So falling asleep isn’t uncommon (for me).

Make sure they give you a wedge cushion for under your knees. It helps you to lay flat and stops any annoying spasms.

Good luck


Hi I have been having numbness, tingling, torso squeezing, ect on and off, more on in the last 6 MTh, for abou 18mth to two years. I’ve had blood tests, nerve conduction, and today got the results for whole spine MRI. Their was nothing unusual. They are testing me for Lyme’s another blood test and are going to do a brain MRI but have been told by neurologist it is just to completely confirm. And that’s it’s probably not MS or Lyme’s at which point I will be discharged from neurologist and sent back to go. With unknown cause nerve problems? Has anyone else come across this? I’m feeling lost.

I have never had a full spine MRI.

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See what happens with your results. It’s hard waiting and not knowing what is going on. Hang on in there. Lina xx

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I had brain and spine- took 1.5 hours

My brain and spine only took 40 minutes.

  1. I. Am going to get full m.r.I.on Tuesday not
  2. Looking forward to it as I cannot actually move
  3. After lying flat after20 mins.even in bed I cannot lay
  4. Flat I have to sleep propped up with 4 pillows I am
  5. Dreading this

It all depends on what has been ordered for you to have, I had brain, spine and orbits (closer look at eyes) with contrasts (dye Injected and scans done again). This took 2 and a half hours, but even the people doing the scan said they had never booked one that long before. You should be able to take a guess from.the comments and what it says on your form now. (When the appt was booked, they did tell me how long it would take).