MRI seemed very quick, how long did yours take?

I had the first part of my diagnostic process today for possible MS.

The MRI was of the brain and full spinal column.

I was only in for 30 minutes which seems really short.

How long did yours last?

I had 2 mri’s of brain and full spine first took half an hour the second 45 min. Not too bad aslong as you don’t mind the noise and lack of space.


Brain and spinal column and mine took about 30 mins

I think my longest one - when I had complete brain and spinal column - was about 45-50 minutes. But that included coming out halfway for “contrast”, before continuing.

If you didn’t have contrast, 30 minutes sounds fine.


Brain and spine was about 45 mins…

But it probably depends on the machine. The newer ones are probably quicker.

Pat x

It took me about 45mins, but they had to redo one of the scans during this time so 30mins sounds about right.

Hi I think mine was about 30 minutes…probably just less than.

I think it must depend on how much of your body you are having scanned. I’ve had a few brain scans - I have had brain scans thanks to epilepsy, which showed up lesions in the brain.

It must also depend on whether a ‘bit’ of scan has to be repeated. For example if you move and they can’t get a clear image.

Mine was approx 45 mins although they took me out halfway to put in contrast, so think they duplicated the first bit.

Sounds about right.