Questions about symptoms?

Hi guys! Hope someone can help, this could be long lol. I’m pretty sure I’m having symptoms of ms (my eye dr first bought this up) I’ve got optic neuritis which I’ve had for nearly a year now which hasn’t got any better. I’ve got an mri booked in a couple of days. I’ve previously had low b12 but my bloods say it’s ok now so that poo poos that diagnosis :roll_eyes: I’ve suffered a long time from pins and needles and numbness (which I’ve put down to low b12) but not very often, mostly when I’m cold or sitting down. My left thumb is now twitching pretty much constantly but with no pain which is good. Also I’ve noticed now that when I laugh really hard I end up ugly crying (:rofl::see_no_evil:). Am I looking too hard into these symptoms? Really I’m just wondering if anyone else has anything like this? These are only small symptoms compared to what others have to go through but I just wanted to ask. Thanks in advance :kissing_heart: x

You are not over-thinking. ON for a year is not a trivial matter, and the sooner you get to the bottom of what ails, the better. Of course you are right that your other niggles could be something or nothing, or stress-related or whatever, but eyes are a different matter, and the doctors will want to look at your symptoms in the round rather than individually, so don’t feel shy about telling the doctors.