Symptoms but still not tested

No diagnosis yet but I posted here almost a month ago as I have so many symptoms that point to MS but am still waiting on an MRI and an appointment to see a neurologist. I totally get that it is a mad time at the moment but I just seem to be getting worse, to the point now that I just cry with frustration.
I have had my b12 and vit D tested and all fine, even checked for diabetes and still all bloods are fine.
Over the last 8-9 weeks I have had a number of symptoms and each morning I wake up hoping I can get up without wobbling or have no pain in my arms, legs, feet and neck. I’m fine if I’m lay down but am starting to feel like a recluse. I’ve stopped driving due to shaking in my arms and hands and noticed over the last week my speech is slower and my words mush up together (sorry that’s the only way I can explain it :pleading_face:)
I have seen a dr at the eye clinic as my left eye feels so weak and blurs and my headaches all seem to start just above this eye, they have booked me in for a better scan of the eye in June so I guess the ball is starting to roll.
I just want to know what is affecting me and to also have something I can tell people.
Last time I spoke to the GP she said she would also email the MRI team as it’s a 12 week wait for an appointment guess I have just gotta sit tight.
Guess I’m just more concerned at the length of time I’ve felt like this and worried that if I have MS that I’m not gonna be able to get back to working, driving, independently going shopping again? Just so many things going through my little brain at the moment. It sure does help reading people’s stories on here.

Hello Yelloweye, I’m so sorry to hear you are going through such a horrid time. Getting an appointment with a neurologist is a nightmare and having access to one after diagnosis is even worse. But to find out exactly what is happening to your health is vital for you so you can get treatment and support. Being in Limboland is dreadful and I truly hope you get answers soon to help ease your symptoms. Thinking of you. :kissing_heart: M

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Waiting is incredibly hard, but hang in there! Something is wrong, and sooner or later, you’ll find out what it is.

Are you able to build a personal support system for yourself? People you can talk with about your fears, someone to hold you when you cry, ones who can help with driving or housework? Regardless of your eventual diagnosis, it’s very important to know that you’re not alone in this.

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Hi and thanks for replying.

I have spoke to a couple of work colleagues and obviously told them my concerns, just because I’ve been off work so long, they have been great and always check up on me.
I’ve also spoke to my sister, she used to be a nurse and after I had told her my symptoms and she witnessed my shaking and balance problems she also is concerned that this is definitely neurological.
I have lots of family members who are helping with lifts, I just feel so sorry for my partner who is taking the brunt of the driving, taxi service, not just for me but my 2 teenage daughters who like most teenagers need ferrying everywhere.
I could probably drive ok a short distance but I just don’t want to take a risk, my neck goes into spasms and I find it hard turning my head so best to just take advantage of being chauffeured for now :relieved: