I’m not diagnosed yet but I’m waiting to find out

Hi, I’m new here. I haven’t been diagnosed yet but I have had tests. My first was electric tests in my nerves and muscles,

then last week I had spine and brain MRI scans. I’m quite nervous because I have been suffering with some of the symptoms.

I’m hoping to find out a bit more soon.

Would be great to have a message with any of you. Jo x

Hi Jo,

What a rotten time of year to get landed with a bunch of tests. I hope you get some good news soon, but in the meantime, if there’s anything that you’re worried about, or you just need a chat, you’ve come to the right place.

The people on this Forum are incredible, and between them have a vast amount of experience and knowledge.

But even more importantly, we have empathy, and although we can’t fix or cure things you will always find someone who will understand what you are feeling and what you’re going through.

Have a good day,

best wishes,


Thanks for your reply Anthony. Your right it is a rotten time, I’m not expecting to find out anything else until we’re into January.

I’m really worried and I seem to have symptoms of MS. I’m finding it really difficult to get around, when I walk down to the shops I can barely stand once I get there.

I’ll will be great to talk to yourself and others about it. I’ve had to claim the Universal Credit and I have to have an assessment in a few weeks to prove I’m not lying about it. I have my binder will all of my hospital letters in it which I will take with me.

Anyway I quite tired now so I’ll I’ll say goodnight.

Best wishes,

Jo xx

Hi Jo,

You’re quite right to keep a binder of all your letters.

It will also be a good idea to keep a diary of your symptoms. Stick to physical symptoms that describe your strength, how you walk, vision and so on. Avoid vague, subjective words like “pings” or “fuzziness”.

Above all RELAX. Getting stressed won’t help at all, as there’s nothing that will achieve. Neurological conditions are always difficult to diagnose and your symptoms could be a lot of things other than MS and it’s obviously important to get it right.

Please get back here later when you need to.

Best wishes,


Hi Anthony, thanks for responding to me. The idea of keeping a diary is fab thanks for it. The only thing I’m a bit stressed about is finding Work I can do from home. I can just about walk down the road, I’ve been finding out that I can’t stay out for a long time. It completely ruined my trip to Oxford where I went to see my favourite actor filming. Once I found him and my friends I could barely stand up. My friends had to hold me up and help me get to the bus stop. So I don’t really get out much now. Sorry to moan! Best wishes, Jo x