Need someone to talk to.

I have been sporadic vague symptoms on and off for a number of years but these past few weeks ahve been pretty dreadful, I will just list them.

Numbness in legs

stabbing in pains in head

Pins and needles in arms

lower back pain (which i had an xray for and diagnosed a misaligned spine)

Extreme Fatigue

Burning sensation in thighs

Feeling a bit like I am in a dream like state

Blurred vision in right eye (this is the final thing that prompted me to see the GP)

So visited the GP this week and she has suggested a referal to Neurologist to check MS as she found I have laboured reflexes, and that the optic discs(?) are pale in my eye.

So am just after some advise really on what will happen next? Does the pale optic disc and reflexes indicate a big chance of MS or can it be other things? What were your symptoms when you got your diagnosis, particularly the ones your GP picked up on?

I have been told it can be up to 6 weeks for my referal and I would rather just know.

Just to add I already have B12 deficiency but am up to date on my injections for that, and recent blood tests were clear. I also have Hyperthyroidism (controlled with meds)

Just to add I already have B12 deficiency but am up to date on my injections for that, and recent blood tests were clear. I also have Hyperthyroidism (controlled with meds)

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: Pale optic discs are often found in optic neuritis (ON) which is caused by damage to the optic nerve. ON is found in several conditions, including MS and vitamin B12 deficiency so it may be more difficult to work out the cause in your case, unless your blurred vision started after your B12 levels had normalised. I would guess that the neuro will take a reasonably detailed history from you and will want to know how and when your B12 deficiency was diagnosed versus your symptoms (eg, could your symptoms always have been MS or something else, but B12 blamed or is it all due to B12?). It is normal practice for neuros to then do a clinical exam (reflexes etc again) and then to send you for various tests, depending on what he/she thinks is going on. That normally means MRI scans at least. Unfortunately, neurology isn’t a straightforward field and things can take a lot longer than we would like. There’s no rushing it though: better to get the right diagnosis. As far as what people get first with MS goes, it is extremely variable. I had hypersensitivity and pain from the chest down and my GP found me to have hyperreflexes (I nearly kicked him in the face :-)). The first consultant I saw (a neurosurgeon) noticed poor balance, drop foot and poor proprioception. I hadn’t been aware of the drop foot. He referred me to a neuro. I hope your appointment comes through soon. Let us know how it goes? Karen x

Hi Heidi and welcome Just to add to what Karen has said, it may take a little time to find out what’s going on so try to keep in mind that each and every test your neuro performs will go some way to finding out what’s what. Far better to receive the right diagnosis the first time round rather than the neuro galloping off down the wrong path. Staying as stress free as possible (where possible) can make a difference too, as stress can have a big impact on how we feel. It’s pointless to say ‘don’t worry’ as it’s just human nature, so try taking your mind off things by doing things you enjoy etc. Every little helps. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Debbie xx


Thank you both. I have had my b12 diagnosis for 4 years now, and has been controlled with injections since then, my blurred vision only started a couple of weeks ago.

I honestly feel I am falling to bits!!! B12, thyroid, depression, now this. :frowning:

I will let you know when my appointment is through.