Possible MS Symptoms

Hi all,

First and foremost, I’m new to all of this kind of thing, so please bear with me!

Fairly recently (for a couple of months), I’ve been experiencing a variety of what I call unusual symptoms such as muscle/limb twitching, crawling/burning type of pain in my calfs, right arm feels heavy although not numb, headache behind the eyes including pain when I move my eye balls around. Linked to I suffer from what’s termed ‘visual snow’ and floaters across my field of vision as well as the colour being slightly faded in my right eye. Another symptom I have difficulty with is struggling to understand both written and verbal language as if my brain is telling me that I cannot understand what I am hearing or reading: almost like aphasia. Does anyone else have a similar experience?

Obviously these symptoms concern me, although I am unsure of whether they can be deemed to be part of the MS spectrum (such as Optic Neuritis) or purely caused by some other ailment.

I was hoping that someone could shed some light on these signs?

Many thanks,

Best Wishes


Hi Ed, and welcome :slight_smile:

MS can cause pretty much any symptom, but the range of symptoms you have listed suggests to me that a vitamin deficiency or migraine are much more likely causes of yours.

If I were you, I would ask my GP for a referral to an ophthalmologist as a first port of call - get the eye pain, “snow” and reduced colour perception checked out. While you are at the GP’s, ask for a bit of an MOT, including blood tests for things like vitamin D and B12 deficiency. And then take it from there.

Karen x

Hi Karen,

Thanks for the reposnse. I agree, MS can certainly produce many varied symptoms, which obviously makes diagnosis so difficult. I’ve looked at possible B12 deficiency, but eat quite a bit of meat which contains a fair amount of B12. Another thing I thought of was perhaps thyroid problems such as Hashimoto’s which I believe can cause twitching and even mental deficiencies. I think I’ll keep a bit of a symptom diary to show the GP if I need to go back at all. Unfortunately, I’ve been to the doctors a few times recently with a cancer scare and anxiety and depression, whilst I was there I mentioned the twitching and aphasia type symptoms as a problem related to MS and he thought I was ‘clutching at straws’. Therefore I don’t think he’ll take me too seriously if I go again!

On another note, I’ve got a contact lens after-care appointment due soon, so i’ll ask about optic neuritis and other eye symptoms.

Thanks and best regards.

Ed x