Suspected MS

Hi all, This is my first message here, and what I think will be the first of many. I went to the doctors today, after 7 years of tingling, twitching, burning and the occasional pain behind the eyes. It happens in relapses of about a week, normally in the summer, and then I make a complete recovery. I suspect MS, but have been very much of the opinion that I’d rather not know for sure. This last ‘relapse’ however started about 11 weeks ago, and has been accompanied by dizziness when I tilt my head and pain down my calves. I decided that I was spending far too much time googling and that a final answer would put my mind at rest. The doctor is testing me first for B12 deficiency (I haven’t even meat for 20 years, have recently become vegan), but when I asked her about MS, she said it was at the back of her mind and isn’t impossible. Reading between the lines I think she suspects MS too. Strangely, I’m not scared at the moment, because I’ve done fear, anger etc. I’m quite young (29) and have a one year old daughter. I’ve suffered anxiety all my life, and this would normally have sent me over the edge, but I think since I’ve ‘known’ in my heart of hearts for so long, it won’t come as a shock. And if I have MS, nothing will actually have changed, becuase I’ve had it since I was 22! I’m not sure I’ll tell anyone besides my sister and my husband because I really don;t want people to view me differently. I’m not sure what responses I’m expecting from this, I have no questions as such, but to those who are going through a similar thing, I’m with you if you need to talk, and would gratefully receive advice from those who have been through this. xx Sorry about the lack of paragraphs- my computer won’t let me for some reason!

slow down a little!!! You have been to see dr google, havent you? Me too!!! Yes your doctor has said its not impossible for you to have MS but if she thought it was the most likely thing you have, she would have referred you immediately to a neurologist as she can’t diagnose you.

tingling twitching and burning can be a symptom of loads of things, but are extremely common in anxiety- I bet if you did a symptom checker thing on the internet it would have been at the top of the results list? It was for me, yet I don’t (luckily) experience anxiety.

there are quite a few symptoms that are very common in MS that you havent mentioned, so give the doctor time to find out what is going on. Have a good read of the forum, you may find quite a few different reasons for what you are experiencing.

Try and relax a little, it is easy to turn this into a big monster when it might be something simple.

Hi Fairy If you believe it’s MS then it might be more difficult for you to accept if you’re told it isn’t at some point. I’m waiting for a neuro appt at the moment and had to have a serious word with myself before as i was googling everything and I couldn’t see anything other than MS. I started to get defensive if hubby said it wasn’t likely to be MS…you get the scenario. Now, thanks to this forum and the stern talking to I gave myself I’m much more relaxed about it. Try to keep an open mind, I keep telling myself the stats say it won’t be MS but even if it is it’s not going anywhere while I’m finding out. Keep us posted on things xx

Dr Google isn’t our friend to be sure! I have, in the past, misdiagnosed myself and others using the internet and gotten myself in a right old state (example- thinking my daughter had jaundice from liver failure because she had a yellow tongue, which turned out to be oral thrush. I was beside myself with worry for says before her doctors appointment). However, this time, I sort of feel this is different- my symptoms are so real and have been going on for years. I so know what you mean Sarah about getting defensive, my husband won’t have it that that it could be MS, I think because his Gran had it and ended up in a wheelchair in her 70s. I have wasted hours and hours googling symptoms and reading MS horror stories which make me so anxious. I like the Overcoming MS website, and if I was diagnosed I’d definitely adopt that diet (as it’s not too dissimilar from the way I eat anyway) and that’s keeping me calm at the moment. Although I am getting a little worried about my dizziness and pain which I haven’t had before. I went for blood tests this morning, and also noticed when they lifted my sleeve up that I am covered in bruises- looking at my legs now I must have at least 30 googles 'causes of bruising lol! (although I know these have nothing to do with MS. Oh well. It’s comforting that others are also in this horrible place. xx

Hi SF, you say you have suffered anxiety for a long time. It could very well be the thing that is causing your symptoms, maybe FND. Look at , you might find it helpful.

Whilst MS is a possibility and something I was pretty convinced I had, the symptoms could be down to many other things so its worth investigation.

Good luck with all. xx