Possible MS?

Hi everyone. I’m new here and I’ve been seeking some answers for the past three months now regarding my symptoms. I’m a 20y/old male and I’ve seen a neurologist who has referred me for a brain/spine MRI. They started with tingling in the feet which slowly progressed up both legs to below the knee. Simultaneously a burning sensation developed in my right forearm and then into my left. That pain hasn’t left me and it is constant but I feel it more acutely in the palms of my hands now especially at night (have been on Pregabalin for 5 weeks to help ease it). Other than that I have had a sharp increase in black dot eye floaters in my left eye but the optometrists can’t find any reason for it. Has anyone had symptoms which are similar and found answers for them?

I’d really appreciate any help.


hi jaackson

i can very much relate to the tingling feet.

in my case this has been constant for ten years but your case will be different - we all have a different experience of ms.

you are due for an MRI which will give you the answers.

as such a young man the best advice i can offer is to live the best life possible.

much love

carole x