"pulled muscles" Help


I have been living with the same ms sypmtons and have meds etc… but for the past few months i have been doing the slightest thing like “walking across the garden” and my left leg pulls my calf muscle and its painful to begin with… so i carry on the a few days later its eases, then i walk to the kitchen and its pulled again!!! Is this MS i feel like an idiot sometimes… as u try and keep as active as you can and them this happens!! anyway if anyone can help would be very grateful…

louise :slight_smile:

hi louise

have you seen your gp? phoned your ms nurse?

if you cant get help from either of these maybe book a sports massage.

these are not cheap and hurt like ffffflippin eck but as a last resort might be worth a try

good luck

carole x

ps i used to feel like i’d pulled a muscle when i injected into my thigh but copaxone nurse advised me to change the depth

I’m pretty sure it’s all to do with MS, yes. The muscles get a lot tighter and less elastic (spasticity), so are more prone to injury.

I had a spate of unexplained injuries for years, prior to being diagnosed. Like yours, they often occurred during simple everyday activities, and not high impact sports, or anything like that. I once pulled a hamstring whilst getting up from the couch to answer the phone.

I remember saying to one doctor, of the latest injury: “I just can’t understand how I can have done this”, but he put it down to simple bad luck, and said I might have done it “stepping off a kerb”.

Nobody ever joined the dots to see there was a pattern of unexplained injuries.

I’ve done another one just this weekend - hurt my achilles tendon. This is an old problem, but one I haven’t had for quite a while. I went for a very long walk (miles) on Saturday, so assume it has something to do with that.

Coincidentally, I’ve got physio this afternoon anyway, but NOT about that, so I’m going to have to be very careful to explain what is a recent injury, and not typical, and what is the underlying problem. It’s going to muddy the waters if I’m limping for reasons that have nothing to do with what I’m there for! And it will probably end up in the notes that I’m “always” like that, although I’m sure it happened as recently as yesterday.

Personally, I’m very wary of sports massage, as I once had a horrendous experience, and couldn’t walk next day. At the time, I just thought I had an “ordinary” injury (achilles tendon again, funnily enough), and not that I had MS. Whether things would have turned out any better if we’d both known there was something else wrong, I’m not sure. I think a standard sports massage might be a bit too severe for someone who has quite advanced, but undiagnosed, spasticity. I couldn’t even put my heels to the ground the next morning.

Actually, the physio did suspect something, and asked if I’d been ill, but didn’t spell out in so many words that he’d guessed I had MS, or something similar. He wasn’t a doctor, so I suppose didn’t feel it was his place to tell me something I showed no signs of knowing. But I think if he’d been more specific that it wasn’t normal, and told me to seek medical advice, I would have taken it more seriously. As it was, I just thought it a very odd comment, and wondered why he thought I’d been ill - because as far as I was concerned, I hadn’t!

I actually think the two people who first realised anything was wrong were neither of them doctors or neurologists. One of them was that sports physio, and another was a chiropodist. I’m sure both had concerns, but neither felt it within their remit to tell me, so they made vague hints I didn’t understand 'til years later.